[Photos] Gangaur Festival 2013 (Mewar Festival)

Colors of tradition spread out everywhere, Sparkling water of Pichola, Rajasthani women and girls elegantly dressed up, and beautifully decorated idols of Gangaur glittering in the beautiful light. Such was the charm of Mewar Festival at Gangaur Ghat. Here are some Photos of the Celebration that took place @ Gangaur Ghat, Udaipur.

Photos By : Piyush Javeria

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3 responses to “[Photos] Gangaur Festival 2013 (Mewar Festival)”

  1. Yash Sharma Avatar
    Yash Sharma

    Woow !!
    Nice Shots.

  2. Gaurav Choudhary Avatar
    Gaurav Choudhary

    Really … Tremendous job …!!!!!

  3. bhagyashree Avatar

    what are schedules of gangaur pooja nad when this boat procession happens..if you can help on 2015 ganguar in undaipur

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