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Our city – Udaipur is completely filled with beauty in and out. And this beauty is not reflected in just its history, culture and its places, but also in its people. There are some gem of the people belonging from Udaipur who, with their hard work and success, have not just made the city but the entire nation proud.

But sadly, with time we tend to forget the accomplishment of such people of the city. The series ‘People from Udaipur you should know about’ tends to glorify the journey of these famous and triumphant people from Udaipur who have become an epitome of success in their lives.


Mohan Singh Mehta

Mohan Singh Mehta was born on 20th April 1895 in the Bhilwara city of Rajasthan. Though he was born in Bhilwara, he had a huge contribution in the Udaipur city as well. Mohan had a degree in B.A. from Agra College in Agra, followed by M.A. in Economics from Allahabad University (1918) and both the degree of L.L.B. and Ph.D. were awarded by the London School of Economics. After that, he was admitted as a Barrister-at-Law by the Middle Temple in 1927.

Source: Udaipurtimes

Mohan’s Association with Seva Mandir

During the period of pre-independence in India, Udaipur witnessed an increasing awareness of educationists and liberal thinkers of the particular backwardness of Rajasthan. It provoked several people towards a change and inspiration. Dr. Mohan Singh Mehta was one of them. After he returned to Udaipur from his long career which included a decade as India’s ambassador along with being a Vice-chancellor at Rajasthan University for six years, he activated Seva Mandir in the city. He was inspired by several personalities especially by Madan Mohan Malviya and Dr. H.N. Kunzru and was also influenced by the national movement.

He started by establishing the Seva Samiti Boy Scout troop from where the idea of starting Vidya Bhawan school originated in 1931. Dr. Mohan also wrote Lord Hasting and the Indian States which was published in 1929.


Notable Works

  • Worked as a lecturer in Agra College from the year 1918-19.
  • Worked in a Government college in Ajmer from the year 1919-1920.
  • Became the Revenue officer, Mewar State Administration the year 1922-28.
  • Chief Revenue Officer 1928-36
  • Chief Minister of the Banswara State 1937-40
  • Revenue and Education Minister, Mewar – 1940-44
  • Chief Minister, Banswara State 1944-46
  • Finance and Education Minister of Mewar 1946-48
  • Became a Member of Constituent Assembly of India – 1946-47
  • Ambassador of India in the Netherlands (1949–51)
  • High Commissioner of India in Pakistan (1951–55)
  • Ambassador of India in Switzerland, Austria, and Vatican (1955–58)
  • Member in Indian Delegation of UN General Assembly (1959)
  • Vice-Chancellor, Rajasthan University (1960–66).

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