Rumour: McDonald’s Closes in Udaipur!

McDonald’s in Udaipur is closed since 2 to 3 days. And there might be a possibility that it remains closed from now! Let us tell you why.

In the latter part of this year McDonald’s India Private Limited (MIPL) said it has not been able to verify if the unauthorized McDonald’s restaurants operated by CPRL in North and East India are able to fulfill McDonald’s standards, including those involving supplies, operations and safety standards and quality required for McDonald’s products. MIPL also stated that it has to close all the McDonald’s outlets immediately.

Connaught Plaza Restaurants Limited (CPRL) is the 50:50 joint venture franchise with McDonald’s and runs 169 outlets in North and East India.

Apparently, McDonald’s in Udaipur comes under CPRL and has to get closed!!! And because of the same reason the McD at the Celebration Mall, the only outlet of Mc Donald’s in Udaipur, is closed since 2-3 days and might remain closed hereafter.

MIPL has terminated the franchise licensing agreement in September, over management issues that disallowed CPRL to use the McDonald’s brand name, logo, and trademarks.

By Fouzia Mirza

♥ A passionate writer and poet ♥

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