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Stories fascinate us all, right from the childhood.

Sooner or later we must realize that each and everything which exists has a story of its own.

So do us!

Let us take you on a short story ride, the story behind LOKALART.


Who is the Driver:

The after-graduation phase drives most of us to dream about “Happy Placements” and “Pretty Good Salaries”. But some want to choose a different path. In January of 2013, Vinay Jain, Uttam Soni and Vishal Nyati got together with an idea; an idea which is understandable, ethical and stands for the welfare of everyone. Soon the team extended to 2 more members, Sukriti Bhanawat and Vaibhav Jain. Their love for their culture was converted into a business model; a model with social benefit.

The Philosophy behind this ride:

LOKALART is an e-commerce platform for traditional Indian Handicrafts with an objective of promoting cultural art forms and the artists/artisans.

The purpose is to empower the artisans and provide them exposure so that their creativity becomes known to the world.

How this ride has changed the path of their thinking:

Indian folk and traditional art is a perfect blend of colors and joy, handcrafted to spread happiness. But, while doing LOKALART the team understood the science behind it. The science of happiness that an artisan gets when hours and days of effort puts smile on the face of the buyer. The science of joy his family gets when they earn a right value for their creation.

What is in for YOU:

No matter how much we love “mechanistic” objects, how much we admire “machine made” items, somewhere deep down we want to get connected to the roots.

The painting on our living room wall, the vase on that side table, the draperies in our bedroom, the furniture…along with every handicraft we are buying, we are also gifting an artisan ”Priceless Time” to create something she is passionate about.

Keep their passion alive. Discover Culture and Connect to your roots. 🙂

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By Sanjit Chohan

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