Is Miniature Art in Udaipur Dying?

The indigenous art forms are the soul of any place. They make up the city’s beauty in the same manner as the landscape does. Udaipur is indeed quite beautiful with the landscape part and also has a lot of artforms coexisting beneath the layers of modernization and technology. Well, there are many art forms such as handcrafted wooden toys, zinc artifacts, and others. Paintings take up a bigger portion of the art of the city and are one of the things not to be missed.

Mewar (Udaipur) is famous for its paintings. Miniature art is one such artform that is quite popular in the subcontinent and is aboriginal to Udaipur.

There are hundreds of miniature painting artists in the old city of Udaipur who are making their living by selling these arts to locals, foreigner and to bigger retailers.

I happened to come across one such artist who is painting miniatures since ages and makes his living through his art. The meager amount of money and newer generations not opting to learn the art is making this art of Miniature paintings drift into oblivion.

Let’s hear it from him- Is Miniature Art in Udaipur Dying?

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What are thoughts about the same? Do you also think that the artists are not valued much and hence are losing their art in the hands of inflation?

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By Fouzia Mirza

♥ A passionate writer and poet ♥

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