Haryali Amavasya: Commencement of Monsoon and Feel of Nature


Haryali Amavasya, from our childhood we celebrate this day as a holiday and enjoy the haryali amavasya ka Mela at saheliyon ki bari Road but apart from this, the religious value of this day cannot be overlooked. From the age of our ancestors pujas are conducted on this day to please Lord Shiva. The Shravan month which signifies the commencement of monsoon, this day has its value in making us feel our nature again and the greenery of our Lakecity.
But, the real taste to this festival is added by the famous Rabri Malpuas of Udaipur which is my and I am sure all of us personal favourite. The lush green gardens and parks of Udaipur can be seen full of families enjoying the season and their holiday to the fullest. And now comes the most amazing part, The Haryali Amavasya Mela which begins from Saheliyon ki Bari Road and is spread till Fatehsagar and can be enjoyed by the Udaipies today. The various joy rides and swings, street vendors shouting and the happiness filled noices of children fill the surroundings with enjoyment. The pakodas in little rain can be enjoyed with tea. In addition to which there are Gubbare, Pupadias, pav-bhaji and many more.

The fair continues the next day in which entry of males is restricted and the female folks enjoy the fair and the centre of attraction are the jewellery stalls,and the colorful pins and accessories which they can buy at so cheap prices and feel happy about the same. People come together, dine and enjoy this day of the rainy season to its fullest.

But the sad part is that this jubiliant fair has lost its value in recent years. The so-called status minded people regard this fair is meant only for tribal people and this is the biggest reason why it has lost its value. We should understand that this fair is a symbol of our tradition and culture which needs to be preserved in the same way it was done in the past.
So, Udaipies how many of you will now make your way towards the fair this evening..??
I am sure you all will have a blast visiting there and yes do not forget to mention and share your fun-filled experiences in the comment box below…

By Monisha Talreja

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