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Hammeripal lake in Kumbhalgarh has thousands of African Catfish!

There are a lot of places of interest in and around Udaipur which attract a lot of tourists from across the globe. One such place is the Fish Point near Kumbhalgarh. The Fish Point is basically a small lake known as Hammeripal lake situated in Taladri village. The Taladri village is in the Kumbhalgarh Tehsil, Rajasamand district. Let’s find out why is it famous?

The Hammeripal Lake is famous due to its large number of fish. It is a less crowded spot in the village and people often come here to have a look at the fish population. But what is about the fish in this lake that makes it so popular?

Hammeripal Lake
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The lake is the home to thousands of African Catfish!! They are present in the lake in a number that might frighten some while some might feel a bit uneasy to watch such a huge number of Catfish accumulating to be fed. But literally, they are a sight not to be missed!

It looks unreal and feeding them is all the more fun.

Why are these Catfish in the Hammeripal Lake in Kumbhalgarh?

The story that the local people have about the ‘dangerously looking’ catfish is that one ‘Fish Contractor’ developed this breed in the lake for commercial ‘Fish Farming’. The villagers were concerned about the natural beauty of the place and that this entire place would be commercialized due to the same. Henceforth, all the villagers shunned his practice of fish farming.

Since that time, the Catfish kept increasing and breeding. Also, the local people are very apprehensive about fishing in the lake. They do not allow any local or outsider to catch these Catfish from the lake; and if they happen to find someone catching, strict actions are taken against the person.

These African catfish eat bread and local snacks and can be fed by the visitors.

Have a look at the video of these Catfish gathered to have a brunch!!!

The reason behind the name, Hammeripal Lake

The lake is so called because it was constructed by the Sisodia clan ruler, Rana Hammir Singh and so it was named after him as Hammeripal lake.

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The lake is situated 2-3 kilometer before the Kumbhalgarh fort. It is located in the village named ‘Taladri’. Kumbhalgarh is at a distance of 100 Km approx. from Udaipur.

Have a look at another video of these Catfish and the Hammeripal Lake

About Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh is the birthplace of the great warrior of Mewar, Maharana Pratap. Built during the course of the 15th century; the fort has a wall, 38 km long and is among the largest wall complex in the world. Kumbhalgarh was built and ruled by Rana Kumbha and hence the name Kumbhalgarh. Some legends say that the Rana Kumbha wasn’t able to build the wall over repeated attempts and then it was told by a spiritual sage that place demands a human sacrifice. At first, no one volunteered but then one day a man agreed and the ritual was performed. Today the main gate of the fortress, Hanuman Pol, contains a shrine and a temple to commemorate the great sacrifice.

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