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5 Reasons why Enigma Restaurant and Lounge is the Best Hangout Place in Udaipur Right Now!

All the Udaipurites are always in search of new and trendy places to spend a good time with their friends, family or their loved ones. But it often becomes a mental dilemma almost every weekend to find a good place which offers a fine view, scrumptious food and an umpteen number of points where you can click a bunch of good selfies and groupfies.

And that is where the all-new Enigma Restaurant and Lounge falls into place. This restaurant has literally got everything you’re looking for. And we’ll give you 5 reasons why Enigma Restaurant and Lounge is the coolest place to hang out in Udaipur Right Now!


#1 An unbeatable dining experience

No matter what role other things are playing, until you don’t get an unforgettable dining experience, you are likely to get unsatisfied with the experience. So first things first, this multicuisine restaurant will not just treat your taste buds with the most amazing food of your life but will also take care of all your requirements. And having said that let me mention the special and the most romantic seating arrangement for 2 on the rooftop. There is also a Private Silver Dining Room with a sitting capacity for 10 people along with Personal Butler Service. What else would anybody want?


#2 Terrace lounge

A breath of fresh air while you savor every flavor of your favorite dish presented right in front of you. Is it your dream meal too? Then you can definitely fulfill it at the terrace lounge of Enigma Restaurant and Lounge. This also brings us to our next point.


#3 Mind bobbling view

Who won’t like a breathtaking view of Lake Pichola and the magnificent City Palace while creating memories with your friends and family? Wondering where to get it? You already know the answer, don’t you? The rooftop setting and the Terrace lounge will give you a panoramic view that will allure you for sure.

#4 Picturesque interior

The restaurant is full of exclusive interior elements that will literally up your Instagram game. From Carved Winged Couple chairs at Indoor Dining to Hand shaped ones at the rooftop, from intricate chandeliers to stupefying wall arts, you won’t be able to help but click a stunning picture or two.

#5 Plentiful services

While you are at Enigma restaurant and lounge, one thing is for sure that you won’t leave the place disappointed. All the credits go to the plentiful services available at the restaurant. These services include A La Carte Service, Valet Parking Service, Personal Butler Service, and many more.

Bid goodbye to the days when you would search for another place to hang out with your buddies or spend quality time with your beloved ones. Enigma restaurant and lounge assures you an unforgettable meal experience that will invite you repeatedly to the place.

Have you visited Enigma Restaurant and lounge? Share your experience with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

By Juhee Mehta

Literally, see characters of books in every person she meets. Apart from eating, she is found adventuring and talking to herself. Believes in magic and escape reality through words. If she possibly knows you, you might find yourself in her poems.

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