Earth Day 2021 – How to make Earth a better place to live?

Weather conditions are shifting, posing a danger to food security, and increasing sea levels could result in devastating floods across the world. Countries must take urgent measures to avert permanent threats too large habitats and the global environment in the future. What about people, though? What will we do to contribute to the Earth’s survival? You can do many activities on a daily basis to help minimise greenhouse gas emissions and your carbon footprint, thus reducing your environmental effects. Taking care of the environment is not only a duty but also a requirement.

Earth has constantly given us every comfort and necessity of life. Now, it’s our duty to hand over the earth in a better and healthier shape to our coming generation. So, on the occasion of Earth Day, let us not wait for others to save the planet; instead, we pledge to take care of our planet by planting trees, by controlling pollution to protect it from all negativities. Let’s do our bit and restore our Earth!

What can we do to protect our Planet Earth?

Protecting our planet starts with you, and there are small things that we can do to save the planet Earth. Sustainability is our topmost priority, and this Earth Day, let’s take a resolution to protect the environment at any cost! We all know that we can’t go out due to the pandemic, so why not do some tiny little things at home that can save and protect our precious earth!

In that spirit, UdaipurBlog has come up with some tips on this Earth Day to protect our planet. These tricks work wonders if you adopt them in your daily lifestyle or routine.


Use reusable items to complete your daily chores so that they can be recycled. Juice or milk cartons can be used to make decorative items or can be even converted into storage boxes for a few days. Simply by throwing the soda can in the recycling bin, you can help to minimise waste. It makes a massive difference. Also, there’s paper! They produce enormous quantities of waste. Often, look for items manufactured from recycled materials. These little things do make a difference!


It is incredibly important to avoid plastic at any cost! I can’t stress this enough. Try to use less plastic; it just impacts the environment and hurt animals if consumed. Plastic is a non-biodegradable item and causes twofold pollution. Use cloth bags instead of plastic bags; they are reusable, washable, and even keep your food items fresh for a long time compared to plastic warps.


Open your windows and take some fresh air by switching off the Air Conditioner for a while. If it is too hot outside for you to open the windows or in a closed space, increase the AC temperature to 26 Degrees or above. This will help you switch to Eco Mode and help reduce the carbon footprint.


I don’t have to educate you all about why it is utterly important to save water as we are learning about the same since childhood. As the saying goes, “Jal Hi Jeevan Hai”, we will tell you a very easy technique through which you can save tons of water. Use 1 mug of water while brushing your teeth as 1 mug of water is sufficient for a person to brush his or her teeth. My family and I do I every day, and so should you! The smallest details will make a significant difference. You’re doing something positive any time you turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. If you have a dripping faucet? Every day, you might be pouring as much as 90 gallons (340 litres) of water down the sink. So, take care of it! It’s easy and inexpensive. Also, don’t drink bottled water. Replace your bottled water with filtered drinking water. You’ll save a lot of money while still reducing a lot of plastic waste at the same time!


Since we can’t go out for a plantation drive due to lockdown, why not plant a tree in our garden! You can even get pots and have a small plant growing at your windowsill or lobby. It will purify the air around you as well as bring positivity.


Don’t wait anymore. Go for it and adopt these things in your life and make a difference individually! If you have any other ideas to save our planet, then do suggest them in our comment section or write to us at Till then, Stay at Home & Stay Safe! Happy Earth Day to Everyone!

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