International Chess Day special: Did you know about this chess club in Udaipur?

They say chess is a game of intellect and intelligence. Rightfully said!

Chess is a game of imagination and strategy. Absolutely!

It’s a game that provides an order, wit and growth in one’s life. In fact, there have been studies which support the claim that chess improves an individual’s organizational and analytical skills. The game of chess also helps in making new wonderful habits of planning and making careful and decisive moves in life and most importantly it teaches patients.  It teaches that if we have taken the step forward, it’s irreversible but, for future we can obviously improvise and do better than the last move.

Our lakecity is not at all in lack of champions and their stories and continuing to this tradition Chess in lakecity club has contributed in making the list of achievements a longer one.

About Chess in lakecity

  • Chess in lakecity is a group of chess enthusiast players of Udaipur.
  • Chess in lakecity was established in the year 2008 by Mr. Rajeev Bhardwaj, President, Chess in lakecity and the core team of the club.
  • It is an established organization that has helped in expansion and growth of chess in Udaipur from past 15 -16 years.
  • From then onwards it has been a coaching as well as a tournament and organizing platform for chess.
  • Chess in lakecity has organized many grand level international FIDE rated chess tournaments.

Latest achievements of Chess in lakecity:

  • In September 2019, Chess in lakecity organized 1st Lakecity Grand Master International Chess Tournament. Players from 11 different countries participated. There were total 204 international FIDE rated players among all participants and 223 players from 11 Federations i.e. BAN, CHI, EGY, IND, MDV, NEP, RUS, SGP, SRI, SVK, USA.
  • In these past few years the club has managed to organize more than 150 tournaments like local and state open, including 16-17 FIDE rated international tournament.
  • Due to such steps and efforts of the club, there are 150+ FIDE rated players in our city today and the club has helped in providing the deserving platforms for all these extraordinary players.

The vision of this club is to expand the knowledge of chess in our very own city and somewhere down the line they have accomplished a part of their vision. The foresightedness for the chess talents in our city by this club has proven to be a great endeavor in spreading the word about the game in the city of lakes.

Today on the occasion of International Chess Day we wish all the chess lovers out there, tons of luck and wisdom.

For further inquiries contact Chess in lakecity @ +91-9413045606

Address: Mahaveer Chessman Public School, Lakhara Chowk, Udaipur-313001 (Raj.)

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