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Cool Souvenirs You Absolutely Must Bring Home From Udaipur

When you go on holiday, you want to go sightseeing, enjoy the local cuisine and lastly take something back with you. Souvenirs are usually things you can take home with you, and remember your trip by. They may be something small, which you can keep in a showcase, or something much larger, that you hang on a wall.

If you happen to visit Udaipur, you can do both. If you love shopping or are looking to take back gifts for family and friends from Udaipur, these popular and unique items are great options.

Souvenirs in Udaipur

  1. Paintings and Sculptures

Cool Souvenirs You Absolutely Must Bring Home From Udaipur
A painting of a Rajasthani King

Udaipur is famous for its paintings and sculptures. Most of the paintings are in the Rajasthani style. From paintings of the royal families to sculptures of Hindu Gods, you can find world-class paintings and sculptures in Udaipur. There are several art galleries that cater to all budgets.

Where to Buy: Art Stone Gallery, Ashoka Arts

  1. Danka Embroidered Cushion Covers

Cool Souvenirs You Absolutely Must Bring Home From Udaipur
Embroidery Cushion Covers

In Rajasthan, the Danka embroidery on clothing and accessories is famous. Many shops in Udaipur sell cushion covers with the gorgeous Danka embroidery. While they are a big hit with tourists, many also pick up other styles of cushion covers such as with bead and metal embroidery.

In Udaipur, you get the best Danka Embroidered  Cushion Covers to take back home; they will certainly add grandeur to your home furniture.

Where to Buy: Kashmir Artizan

  1. Jewellery

Cool Souvenirs You Absolutely Must Bring Home From Udaipur
Jewellery at Hathipole Bazaar

Across the city, you will find many shops, both large and small, selling designer and imitation jewellery. Jewellery in Udaipur is available in a variety of designs and sizes. Popular kinds of jewellery are in silver and gold, though imitation jewellery is also available.

So, the next time you are in Udaipur, it will be a good idea to get yourself a few fresh pieces of silver jewellery to add to your wardrobe.

Where to Buy: Hathipole Bazaar

  1. Puppets

Cool Souvenirs You Absolutely Must Bring Home From Udaipur
Rajasthani manikins

Rajasthan is famous for its puppets, especially the Rajasthani manikins. If you plan of taking something back home, either as gifts or for your showcase, why not buy puppets from this city? A great gift for kids, too, or to add a quirky touch to your room. In Udaipur, you get the best variety of Rajasthani manikin puppets.

Where to Buy: Puppet Store at University of Arts.

  1. Wall Clocks

Cool Souvenirs You Absolutely Must Bring Home From Udaipur
Souvenirs You Absolutely Must Bring Home From Udaipur

In Udaipur, you can shop for the best varieties of wall clocks. Made by hand, these pieces are timeless and elegant. They make for great gifts and are an excellent addition to your home décor as well.

Where to Buy: Ethnic Clock Makers

  1. Stone Crafts

Cool Souvenirs You Absolutely Must Bring Home From Udaipur
A store selling stone crafts in Udaipur

Another type of souvenir to buy to take back home from Udaipur are stone crafts. In the city, you will find artisans selling their artwork at markets or in shops. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, stone crafts will add a certain charm to your home. They are also good as gifts.

Where to Buy: The Government Store, Pramatama Stone Crafts

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