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Best Photos of Udaipur’s Monsoon & Overflow 2012

Pichola / Swaroop Sagar Overflowing ๐Ÿ™‚

Goverdhan Sagar touched the mark of 8.10ft.

Fatehsagar continues to overflow ๐Ÿ™‚

With heavy rainfall today in Udaipur and its catchment areas, the rivers are flowing at a full swing bringing water to the major lakes of Udaipur, namely Fatehsagar (via Madar) and Pichola/ Swaroop Sagar(via Sisarma). Gates of Swaroop Sagar have been opened in order to let the water pass to Lake Udaisagar through Ayad. In this way the water passes over UIT Pulia and various other areas in Udaipur.

Your UdaipurBlog.com have tried to capture the best moments of Monsoon 2012 specially for our readers. Keep visiting this Article to see Updated photos and more details.


Find the Pictures of Udaipur in Monsoon 2012 – includes Overflowing Lakes:

Photos by : Mujtaba R.G.

Fatehsagar UB Life


fatehsagar overflow


Fatehsagar Overflow


fatehsagar overflow 2012




Overflow Picture of fatehsagar


Fatehsagar overflow best photo 2012



Fatehsagar lake 2012


fatehsagar Overflow year 2012


Superb Lake Swaroop Sagar



Fatehsagar Overflow 2012


Lake Fatehsagar


fatehsagar 2012


Fatehsagar Picture


Fatehsagar Dursing Day time Sept 12, 2012 by Yash Sharma
Fatehsagar Dursing Day time Sept 12, 2012 by Yash Sharma
First picture of Fatehsagar Overflow 2012
First picture of Fatehsagar Overflow 2012 – 12 Sept, 2012

Fatesagar Lake Overflow 2012


The Scale of Fatehsagar at 10 p.m.
The Scale of Fatehsagar at 10 p.m. on 11 Sept, 2012


Lake Swaroop sagar overflow


Lake Swaroop sagar overflow


Beauty of Udaipur


Udaipur and its lakes


Rush @ Swaroop Sagar Gates


Monsoon in Udaipur


Lake Swaroopsagar/ Lake Pichola Overflowing 2012


Lakes of Udaipur year 2012


Water gushing in Ayad River towards Lake Udaivilas


UIT Pulia FS Overflow Year 2012


UIT Pulia FatehSagar Overflow Year 2012


UIT Pulia Udaipur


Pichola Overflow - Year 2012


bada madar 2012
Picture of Bada Madar – Yash Sharma

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