JD’s Bash- Biggest Bollywood Night in Udaipur

This Saturday, Oct 29 2022, Udaipurites will have the chance to don their party clothes and wear their hearts on their sleeve. From 7:00 PM onwards, DJ Kumar Swamy and DJ Ranjana, two of the leading DJs known for their explosive music, will spread their DJ magic with all the Bollywood songs at Pandora Grand Luxury Hotel- Udaipur, from 7:00 PM onwards. So if you are in Udaipur, then put on your party shoes and do attend this massive event, to groove to the explosive music played by these renowned DJs, all of which are excellent for igniting the dance floor. Allow the Bollywood music, to keep you entertained for the ideal evening at The Pandora Grand.

Check out the event details below.

About The JD Bash Event

DJ Kumarswamy and DJ Ranjana are some of those creative prodigies who are a little ahead of their time. Not just because their music can transport you to places where time seems to have stopped, but also because they manage to operate on a timeline entirely independent of the typical cycles of hysteria, influence, and career advancement that most musicians follow. Their productions and releases have become some of the most cherished and legendary themes in the music world. These phenomenal DJs consistently outperform themselves, having remixed almost all the famous Bollywood tracks. DJ Kumarswamy and DJ Ranjana, continue to work hard with exceptional talents.

Event: JD’s Bash- Biggest Bollywood Night

When: Oct 29, 7:00 PM Onwards

Tickets on sale now.

Line Up: @djkumarswamy;

Where: Pandora Grand Udaipur,

Near HP Petrol Pump,

Udaipur-Ahmedabad Highway,

Balicha, Rajasthan

So this Saturday night, be ready to put on your dancing shoes to groove to some explosive music bangers!

If you haven’t already booked your tickets, then reserve your spots before they sell out.

Hurry up, and don’t miss the chance to witness one of the biggest live Bollywood music concerts in Udaipur with @nightpulseentertainment. Mentioned herewith are the pass details:

Regular passes – Rs. 1,000 (Access to Bollywood Night)

VIP passes – Rs. 2,000 (Access to Bollywood Night & Techno After-party)

VIP table passes – Rs. 30,000 (For 10 persons)

Please Note: The above amount includes the cost of the beverages.

Be ready for a fun, energetic evening that will keep you raving all night long at Pandora Grand-Udaipur with DJ Kumarswamy and DJ Ranjana.

For bookings and queries, contact: +91-7425041114, 9587071777.



Karwa Chauth And the History Behind It

Karwa Chauth is a one-day festival which is celebrated by all married women. On this festival, wives keep a fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and well-being of their husbands. Even though it is difficult to maintain a fast without drinking any water or eating anything throughout the day, devoted wives perform these rituals out of great love and respect for their husbands.

If we consider the term Karwa Chauth in its literal sense, it refers to the sacrifice of “Argya” to the moon on the Chaturthi of the Kartika month using an earthen pot known as a “Karwa.” Every year, the event takes place on the fourth day of the dark fortnight of the Kartika month. There are several anecdotes connected to this festival, even if its beginnings are still quite murky. Here are a few well-known Karwa Chauth tales that illustrate the significance of this festival:

Queen Veervati’s story 

Karwa Chauth and the History Behind It

A beautiful queen named Veervati formerly reigned as the lone sibling of seven devoted and considerate brothers. She started a simple fast after sunrise on her first Karwa Chauth while staying with her parents. She was thirsty and hungry in the evening, and she was impatiently awaiting the moonrise. Her brothers were distressed to see her in such anguish. They created the illusion that the moon was in the sky by mounting a mirror in a peepal tree. As soon as Veervati broke her fast, she learned that her husband had passed away. She couldn’t stop crying and was devastated. She left right away for home, where she ran into Goddess Parvati. Maa Parvati admitted that her brothers had played a trap on her. She then observed the Karwa Chauth fast with complete devotion, and upon witnessing her commitment, Yama, the lord of death, brought her husband back to life. Women keeping the fast frequently hear this Queen Veervati Karva Chauth Katha, which is highly famous.

Queen Draupadi’s Karwa Chauth Story

Karwa Chauth and the History behind it

Arjuna and Draupadi from the Mahabharata are the next Karva Chauth Kahani on our list. When Arjuna, the person Draupadi loved the most, decided to punish himself, he travelled to the Nilgiri mountains. The rest of the Pandava brothers were having trouble without him. In this circumstance, Draupadi asked Lord Krishna what should be done to address this problem. Then Lord Krishna narrated a story of Goddess Parvati, who performed the Karwa Chauth ceremonies. Therefore, Draupadi performed the severe Karwa Chauth fast for the well-being of her husband, and the Pandavas were able to find solutions to their issues.

Karwa’s Karwa Chauth Story

Karwa was a woman who was madly in love with her spouse and had many spiritual powers as a result of this passionate love. Once, when her husband went to take a bath in the river, a crocodile attacked him. Having remembered Yama, the Lord of Death, brave Karwa now bound the crocodile with cotton yarn. She prayed to Lord Yamraj, asking him to grant her husband life and the crocodile death. But Yamraj said he couldn’t. Then, Karwa threatened to curse Lord Yama and destroy Yamdev in return. Yamraj was extremely petrified of being cursed by such a dedicated and loving wife; hence, he sent the crocodile to hell and bought her husband back to life.

Even today, married ladies pray to Karva Mata for their husbands’ health and happiness, according to the Karva Chauth Kahani that was narrated.

Satyavan and Savitri’s Karwa Chauth Story


According to legend, Savitri pleaded for Satyavan’s life in front of Yama, the god of death, when he arrived to take his life. Yama insisted on taking away Savitri’s husband, despite the fact that she had quit eating and drinking and had followed Yama. Yama now told Savitri that she might request any other miracle, except the death of her husband. Due to her intelligence, Savitri asked Yama if he could bless her with bearing a child, which was something she desired. However, she would also not tolerate any form of betrayal because she was a dedicated and loyal wife. As a result, Yama had to give Satyavan life again so that Savitri might become pregnant.

Women and girls who are fasting on Karva Chauth day, make sure to hear Savitri’s Karva Chauth Katha. Additionally, hearing all the Karva Chauth tales highlights the significance of this fast and how old this festival is.

Why is Karwa Chauth Celebrated?

Given the aforementioned Karva Chauth stories, you might now be well aware of the significance that this event has in Hindu culture. This festival is more prominent in the northern and north-western parts of our country. The Indian Army soldiers and military officials made up a sizable portion of the male population in these areas; hence, the ladies in these areas began fasting for the safety of these real heroes. The women used to pray for the long lives of their husbands as they protected the nation from enemies.

In ancient times, women used to get married at the age of 10 to 13 in India. In such a marriage, they would not be able to enjoy their childhood or early adolescence. Additionally, communication was a major barrier back then. They, therefore, found it difficult to visit their parent’s houses, which was equally bad. Therefore, a woman had to take total responsibility for a new household from a young age. She was sent in charge of all the daily chores, including cooking and cleaning. But she was living in an unknown house alone, far from her loved ones, and she had no friends either. In times of loneliness or homesickness, where would she go?

Therefore, to address this issue, the women began to celebrate Karwa Chauth in a magnificent manner, where married women from the entire village as well as some of the neighbouring villages would gather in one location and spend the day in joy and laughter. They became friends and referred to one another as “God sisters” or “God friends.”

One could argue that the origin of this festival was a way for them to have fun and forget about being alone at their in-laws’ house. On this day, they celebrated their union and gave gifts to one another, such as sindoor, lipstick, and bracelets, to serve as a constant reminder that someone out there is always a friend.

Recently, husbands have begun to fast for their spouses as well. This act has added an extra specialness to the festival, as it represents compassion, love, and understanding on both sides.



All About Pacific University

Established in 1997 The Pacific University has left its mark on India’s academic landscape. The Pacific Society has been advancing higher and technical education over the past 25 years. It has established more than twenty-one institutes and evolved into a multi-disciplinary network of colleges offering advanced degrees in a variety of fields, including engineering, management & commerce, dentistry, pharmacy, education, basic & applied sciences, and research programmes (PhD) in all relevant disciplines.

With a massive, ultra-modern campus covering more than 100 acres of lush green vegetation, Pacific University is dedicated to becoming a centre of excellence in research. The campus features innovative classrooms, separate dormitories for boys and girls, laboratories, and libraries, as well as internationally acclaimed programmes. Moreover, it also provides innovative training, experiential learning, and high-quality education at affordable prices.

Mission Of Pacific University


All About Pacific University

Pacific University offers a holistic education that aims to help students grow both academically and personally. Their students are currently employed by 150+ global and Indian big brands and are living proof of Pacific’s stellar track record of helping students establish successful careers.

Due to its high OPD attendance and emphasis on giving students as much hands-on experience as possible, Pacific Dental College has earned the title of being the best in India. The Pacific University has the highest placement rate in North India. It has created new programmes that guarantee a high-profile job and the satisfaction of working in the highest-rated field.

The university aims to do the following in order to fulfil its mission and vision and move forward with a commitment to educational excellence:

  • to deliver high-quality education in technical, non-technical, and professional areas.
  • To build revolutionary, top-notch infrastructure to support quality education.
  • Encourage students’ propensity for self-employment.
  • Utilize the most recent instructional innovations while concentrating on the overall development of students through extracurricular activities including sports, cultural programmes, projects, etc.
  • To take part in community development programmes that are socially important.
  • to establish solid industry-institute partnerships for collaborations that will benefit both parties.
  • To foster the entrepreneurial spirit in the students.

Courses offered by Pacific University



Duration Eligibility

B.Sc. Agriculture

4 Yrs.

10+2 pass (Science+Maths/Bio/Agriculture)

M.Sc. Agriculture

2 Yrs.


PhD 3 Yrs.

M.Sc. (Agriculture) in Respective Disciplines



Eligibility Duration

B.A.(Hindi and English Medium)

10+2 from any stream

3 Yrs


Graduation in any stream

2 Yrs


Graduation in any stream

2 Yrs

PhD. Post-Graduation in Arts stream

3 Yrs (Minimum)







10+2 from any Stream 3 Yrs.

10+2 from any Stream

3 Yrs.

B.Com with ACCA (UK)

10+2 from any Stream

3 Yrs.

BBA with CMA (USA) 10+2 from any Stream

3 Yrs.

BBA Digital Marketing in Collaboration with Upgrade

10+2 from any Stream 3 Yrs.
M.Com Graduation from Any Stream

2 Yrs.

Diploma in Business Analytics

10+2 from any stream 1 Year
Diploma Digital Marketing 10+2 from any stream

1 Year


Post-Graduation in Commerce Stream

Minimum 3 Yrs.


Computer Science


Eligibility Duration


10+2 from any stream

3 Yrs.

PGDCA Graduation in any stream

1 Yr.


Passed PGDCA/BCA/B.Sc/B.Com./B.A with Mathematics at 10+2 Level or at Graduation


2 Yrs.
M.Sc. (IT, CS) Graduation in Any stream

2 Yrs.

Certification in PDNAIT(IOA-UK)

Graduation in Any stream 1 Year
PhD. Post-Graduation in Computer science

Minimum 3 Yrs.


Dairy and Food Technology

Course Eligibility


B.Tech (Dairy Technology) 10+2 (Science: Maths / Biology / Agriculture)

4 Yrs.



Eligibility Duration


10+2 (Science Biology)

4+1 Yrs.

M.D.S.* B.D.S.

3 Yrs.

Diploma in Dental Mechanics & Hygienist 10+2 (Science Biology)

2 Yrs.



in Dental Science

Minimum 3 Yrs.

Post Graduate Certificate Course in Oral Implantology Minimum qualification of B.D.S or equivalent from a recognized Institution in India or Overseas.

1 Year Duration Course  





B.Tech. (ME, Civil, EE, CSE, Mining)

12th (Science + Maths)

4 Yrs.

B.Tech.(Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Collaboration with Up grad)

12th (Science + Maths)

4 Yrs.

MTech (CAD/CAM, Structural Eng., Geotechnical Eng.,
Software Eng., Computer Science Eng., Digital Communication,
VLSI, Control & Instrumentation Eng., Power System, Industrial Eng.,
Production Eng., CTM, IT,
Production & Industrial Eng., Energy Studies)

B.Tech. or Equivalent

2 Yrs.

Certification in Data Analytic(IOA-UK)

with B.Tech.

6 Months

Executive Diploma in Game Development

with B.Tech.

6 Months

PhD. Post-Graduation in Engineering Stream

Minimum 3 Years

Other Important Courses Offered by Pacific University

  • Fire and Safety
  • Hotel Management
  • Law
  • Media and Mass Communication
  • Fine Arts
  • Pharmacy
  • Polytechnique
  • Science
  • Fashion Designing

Placements at Pacific University

All About Pacific University

The companies that visit the university present a variety of profiles from different industry sectors and functional areas. Pacific University students continue to uphold the college’s reputation in the business world by showcasing their abilities in competitions, academics, and job placements. With its attractive campus, cutting-edge facilities, and deserving students, Pacific University remains one of the top institutions for management education.

Key Highlights of Pacific University Placements

  • Most recruitment drives are held at Pacific University in Rajasthan, and it consistently breaks the placement records in Rajasthan.
  • After raising the bar, Pacific University has maintained the trust of its regular employers, who always trust the potential of students, see a possible benefit they will bring to their organizations, and therefore hire applicants in large numbers while presenting intriguing profiles. Each employer has significantly increased the number of offers it makes, and the average salary has increased substantially over the past years by 21.18%.
  • Profiles for Relationship Managers, HR Recruiters, Portfolio Managers, Education B2B Marketing, Media and Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Financial/Data Analytics are being offered to keep up with the present market trends.
  • The majority of students get pre-placed before completing their second year. Moreover, some of their alumni have also been placed overseas in many different industries.
Health & Fashion

National Nutrition Week 2022: Theme, Dates, History, and Nutrition Expert Advice

National Nutrition Week is celebrated from September 1 through September 7, 2022.

The foundation of a healthy body is nutrition. Through food, we try to get as many nutrients as we can. Every year, the first week of September is celebrated as National Nutrition Week. It strives to raise awareness of the value of a well-balanced diet that contains all the nutrients our body needs to maintain our general health. The Food and Nutrition Board of India, working under the direction of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, is in charge of the seven-day programme.

The focus of World Nutrition Week in 2022:

Every year, National Nutrition Week introduces several programs to target a specific issue. The topic for the prior year was “Feeding Smart, Right From Start”. This year’s topic will be focused on “Celebrating the World of Flavors.”

The History And Importance Of National Nutrition Week 2022 

In 1975, the American Dietetic Association (ADA), presently known as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, created National Nutrition Week. India began celebrating National Nutrition Week in 1982. During this week, the centre plans several initiatives to spread knowledge about the value of nutrition and how a healthy diet can improve overall health.

In this article, we have compiled some professional diet tips to help you meet your body’s fundamental nutritional demands in order to kick off National Nutrition Week.

Diet Tips for Optimum Nutrition

National Nutrition Week

1.) Protein Rich Diet

According to expert nutritionists, 10 to 35% of the daily calorie requirements should come from protein. Indian men, on average, weigh 60 kg, while women, on average, weigh 55 kg, and both require 60 grams of protein. Hence, it is essential to consume eggs, beans, dairy, nuts, seeds, and lentils due to their high protein content.

2.) Healthy Carbohydrates

Most medical experts recommend eating starchy fruits, starchy roots like potatoes and sweet potatoes, and cereals like rice, maize, millet, wheat, and barley at least once a day to give your body energy and essential vitamins and minerals.

3.) Water

Water not only quenches thirst but also supports the majority of body processes. Along with other healthy liquids like coconut water, lemonade, and fruit juice, it is highly recommended to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. You can also add flavour to your drinking water with herbs and spices like cumin seeds, coriander seeds, basil leaves, and mint leaves to get that additional nutritional benefit.

4.) Fresh Fruits and Veggies

National Nutrition Week

Fruits and vegetables not only provide us with fibre, vitamins, and minerals, but they also provide immunity-boosting antioxidants and flavonoids that keep us healthy.

Besides a protein and carbohydrate-rich diet, we also need to incorporate some immunity-boosting foods to build our natural immunity. Mentioned herewith are the top 10 ingredients that you must add to your diet to boost your immunity.

Top 10 Immunity Boosting Food Items

National Nutrition Week

1.) Ginger

This miracle herb calms down the body’s agitated Vata (air component), which may be a common concern during the rainy season. It enhances the body’s capacity for digestion, which keeps you energized. Additionally, ginger enhances the absorption and delivery of nutrients to the body’s tissues, which is essential for guarding against colds and the flu.

2.) Garlic

Another superfood from the Indian kitchen is garlic. Garlic contains antioxidant characteristics that help to improve your body’s natural immunity and speed up metabolism. The most flavorful way to eat it is to include it in regular dals and curries. Spice up soups and sauces with garlic.

3.) Mint Leaves

Although it is normally advised to avoid eating greens during the monsoon, take mint as an exception. Try incorporating mint into warm salads, room-temperature lemonades, and warming drinks since it is a natural coolant. It works as a natural decongestant to fight the flu and cold.

4.) Moong Beans

This protein-laden item is prevalent throughout the year. Your health will benefit from the proteins, vitamins, and minerals it contains, which all work to strengthen immunity, particularly during the monsoon season. It will help you attain a balanced temperament by calming the air and fire elements in your body. The best way to eat it during this season is in the form of a pancake or soup with moong as the base. Moong beans should not be consumed uncooked.

5.) Honey

Honey turns out to be a blessing for people with poor digestion. It is a quickly digestible carbohydrate that provides instant energy. Many individuals may experience stomach problems during the monsoon. However, honey can aid in recovering from all types of flues throughout the monsoon in a smooth way. To reap its advantages, consume one teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of lemon juice and one glass of lukewarm water first thing in the morning. 

6.) Jowar

Jowar is a simple carbohydrate that is high in iron, fibre, and vitamin B3, all of which are necessary for maintaining a healthy metabolism, immune system, and skin. During these cold months, you need food items that are naturally warming. You can use jowar to make porridge or Rotis.

7.) Bottle Gourd

This native Indian component is simple to digest. As a result of its high alkaline content, it helps to maintain the function of your digestive system. Having a strong stomach is extremely advantageous during the monsoon. There are a variety of ways to prepare gourds, including making poached koftas, using them in soups, using them in parathas, or simply eating them as a plain subji with chapatis.

8.) Turmeric

There is no better way to improve immunity than with turmeric. You need turmeric to ward off colds, flu, coughs, and sore throats. Gargle occasionally with salt water and turmeric. The two best uses for it are in regular cooking and in making green tea.

9.) Rock Salt

You must incorporate rock salt into your cooking during the monsoon season since it raises the pitta (fire) element in your body, which enhances digestion, which is often poor during rainy weather.

10.) Bitter Gourd

Even though it doesn’t taste particularly good, it offers a plethora of advantages. It contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps to strengthen immunity and has potent antiviral capabilities to improve one’s health.




Dr Arvinder Singh, Famous Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist of Arth Skin, Sets World Record for Academic Excellence

Dr Arvinder Singh, a leading practising doctor from Udaipur City, entered the World Book of Records for obtaining the maximum number of academic and non-academic degrees, diplomas and certificate. Dr Arvinder Singh, CMD and CEO of the Arth Group of companies in Udaipur, was awarded by Hr. Dr Kiran Bedi (Former Lieutenant and Governor of Puducherry and first IPS lady).

Dr Singh has 123 degrees, certifications, and certificates under his belt, 77 of which are academic and 46 of them non-academic. All these degrees and certifications were earned between 1989 and 2022 in a variety of sectors.

Dr Singh was also recently recognised for his outstanding work in the field of cosmetic dermatology by Chief Minister and Health Minister of Rajasthan. He is Rajasthan’s first and only international board-certified Cosmetic Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physician.

Dr Singh earlier made history in 2009 by becoming the first Indian doctor to top IIM. He is said to be the first doctor to know about management, law, cosmetics, cosmetic dermatology, and digital marketing in addition to medical sciences.

“In 2008, he received a Rs 90 lakh annual package offer from Scotland while he was a student at IIM, but he declined it and chose to work in India to avoid brain drain from India”. According to Dr Singh’s representative, he holds a record in scuba diving in Maldives and has also earned a gold medal in Pistol shooting in Para Category in Rajasthan.

By utilizing the best and most up-to-date technological advancements available, Dr Arvinder Singh distinguishes himself from the competition and establishes himself as the best Cosmetic Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physician. This makes him the best because his results are the most realistic-looking and make his patients look amazed and content. Being a specialist in cosmetic dermatology.

Whether it be scars removal, acne removal, or pigmented lesions removal, Dr Singh’s expertise in this area of dermatology is what sets him apart. The look of wrinkles, premature aging, fine lines, skin pigmentation, scars, and other lesions can be improved by dermatological procedures such Botox, dermal fillers, face rejuvenation, thread, and anti-aging therapies, of which he is an expert.

Dr Singh has started the Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetology and LASER (IAMCL). His institute is accredited by London, United Kingdom and registered with USA. Dr. Singh told that students qualified from IAMCL will be having wide job prospects and self-employment opportunities at national and international markets. Depending on their qualifications, Medical and Non-Medical students may apply for Diplomas, Fellowships in Medical Cosmetology, Aesthetics and Medical LASER.

Moreover, the all-in-one Dr Singh also holds diplomas and credentials in cosmetic dermatology, aesthetic medicine, aesthetics and clinical cosmetology, and medical laser from Oxford, the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine, the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine, the International Academy of Sweden and Germany.

This incredibly gifted and skilled doctor has made a name for himself as a Cosmetic Dermatologist and elevated Arth Medical to a new level thanks to its cutting-edge amenities that meet international standards.

History and Culture

Gavri: A Unique Face of Rajasthan


Rajasthan is not just about royalty and the Rajput Kings all the time; the state may also stand out because of the several highly aboriginal groups and tribes that are present, which makes it a very diversified state in terms of culture.

Gavri, which is a festival and a dance style celebrated by a community that is thought to be somewhat backwards yet indigenous and quite distinct from the royals, is one of the diverse things that comes to mind when addressing the variety.  The people that celebrate it with such tremendous excitement and fervour are known as the Bheel tribes, who are from the Mewar region.

This festival, which lasts for more than a month, begins on the day after Shravani Purnima, Raksha Bandhan, or Rakhi Purnima, which is regarded as one of the most auspicious festivals for brothers.

Where Did It Originate?

The word “Gavri” comes from the goddess Parvati, also known as “Gauri,” who is believed to be the wife of Lord Shiva. The Bheels believe that if they follow all the rituals, get rid of all their demons, and live a pain-free life now and in the future, Goddess Parvati will be pleased and bless them. The Bheels, who hold this belief, claim that Goddess Parvati enters the human body, announces the significance of the celebration, and blesses them after their purpose is satisfied. This is the belief that truly predominates in this holy festival.

According to another mythological and ancient tale, the demon Bhasmasur worshipped Lord Shiva and asked him for a wish: he wished to kill anyone while maintaining his hand on the victim’s head and burn him to death. He was given the wish, and as a result, he began abusing it, which caused him to kill many innocent people. In order to stop him, Lord Vishnu masked himself as a beautiful woman and tricked the demon into being killed. The demon then begged Lord Shiva for forgiveness and was granted forgiveness, and this sparked the beginning of the Gavri festival, during which the Bheel community honours the demon Bhasmasur and celebrates this grand festival every year.

Rituals Of The Gavri Festival

It is said that during the Gavri festival, participants must adhere to many strict rules, including refraining from eating any non-vegetarian foods, such as meat, and not consuming anything after sunset. They must sleep on the floor during this one-month period and are also prohibited from taking baths. This festival is all about dance and drama, and the Bheel community is noted for its distinctiveness because they stop working as farmers during this month and only resume farming after this festival is over.

The Gavri festival is a celebration of devotion to Lord Shiva, and the wonderful Bheel community participates in all the rituals. They celebrate it because they believe that by following the strict and unusual rituals they perform during this festival, Lord Shiva will be pleased and bring rain during their sowing season. They also believe that this will result in a prosperous year that will bring happiness to their lives and allow them to live a year with plenty of food. The celebration’s motivation is very intriguing, and they regard it as an integral element of their culture and an ancient tradition.

The men participate in this festival by donning makeup and doing a variety of performances based on numerous myths and historical sagas that are pertinent to it, and it is undoubtedly a wonderful event to remember. In addition to acting in various colourful costumes and creating several made-up representations of Gods and Goddesses, they also sing and dance during the festival’s various comical segments. They also portray numerous characters of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, who are regarded as the festival’s central figures, and attempt to promote the message of love, devotion, and faith to the public. This may be one of the most significant messages of humanity spread through “Gavri .”

Different Characters Played In Gavri

Gavri Rituals

People who participate in the Gavri festival, play a variety of roles and dress up in the form of humans, animals, demons, gods, and goddesses. One unique feature of this festival is that only men can play Gavri with absolutely no female actors at all. All the characters are played by male actors only.

Gavri is not a type of folk dance or an artistic expression; instead, it is an ancient ritual carried out by members of the Bheel Community in order to obtain Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’s blessings in exchange for a life free from obstacles, misery, and pain, as well as a good crop during the season. Hence, this festival is all about faith and dedication, which is presented in the form of singing and dancing.

Gavri These Days

The Bheels are not very wealthy because they depend on farming and tedious labour, so celebrating Gavri in an elaborate manner is actually out of reach for these people and eventually causes the community to dissolve because there are so few people left who can afford to spend more than 20,000 rupees on costumes and makeup. In fact, there are many Bheel villages in the Mewar region where the celebration has not even begun.


Savour The Best Vada- Pav In Udaipur At Famous Vada Pav

Udaipur seems to be overflowing with multiple options when it comes to grabbing a quick bite at a local eatery. However, snacks like Vada Pav can be challenging to master. A Mumbai-style Vada Pav can be a wonderful choice to satisfy those unbearable hunger pangs when many of us are searching for quick snacking options at reasonable prices. So if you are craving an authentic Mumbai Style Vada Pav, then Famous Vada Pav is your place.

Famous Vada Pav

Famous Vada Pav

As the lake city, locals and tourists are hogging over Vada pav served at Famous Vada Pav, We explored the factors contributing to the city’s rising craze for this bread and potato patty combination served at Famous Vada Pav.

Famous Vada Pav does an excellent job of offering this simple and delicious snack. Originally from Maharashtra, a simple Vada Pav is a dollop of fried aloo stuffing served with a chilli and a tangy red chutney. Over the past few years, Udaipur has been one of the cities where this dish is becoming very popular. The aloo fillings are replaced by 13 different varieties, including butter cheese and shezwan cheese fillings taking the place of the original potato filling.

Famous Vada Pav 2

A plate of their hot Vada pav and delicious Buttermilk/Chaas gives a soul-satisfying experience. We are fortunate to discover Famous Vada Pav, especially in the monsoon season. The Classic Pav that is offered here is the most authentic; it is savoury, light, and leaves a beautiful tamarind aftertaste. We also tried their butter Vada Pav, which was undeniably buttery, spicy, and oozing with richness and flavours.

Famous Vada Pav serves 13 different varieties of Vada Pavs, including Mexican cheese Vada Pav, Tandoori Vada Pav, Schezwan Cheese Vada Pav, and Mayo Vada Pav to name a few with their special Chaas and lassi by the side.

Famous Vada Pav will satisfy all of your mid-day cravings at a reasonable price. Perhaps there is no better time than now to indulge in these decadent Vada pavs served as the rainy season is just around the corner.


From Personalised Leather Bags to Journals, MaheTri Has It All!

A legacy of a distinctive style, excellence, and flawless functionality in each item.


Entrepreneurship is not an easy task. It sure is a tough job, thus only the crazy and passionate people can pursue it. “Being your own boss” sure sounds good, but it is filled with battles and challenges. One must have a lot of passion and perseverance to finish what they have actually begun. A dream that gives you that adrenaline rush and makes it difficult for you to fall asleep must therefore serve as the starting point. Entrepreneurship can be lovely if you are ready to commit to sticking with it. Therefore, if you have a dream that keeps you up at night, you have a significant possibility of becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

And that’s how MaheTri started. It all began with a passionate obsession of Mahendra and Trishal to provide leather accessories at affordable prices. MaheTri is a unique online store that takes pride in its commitment to offering clients difficult-to-find treasures at reasonable prices. Moreover, it focuses on providing tastefully hand-crafted leather items in a retail environment that has been rightfully criticized for its consistency. MaheTri has been in this business which is known for being unstable, but Mahetri’s devoted fan base is not just the result of sheer coincidence or pure good fortune, but because of their quality products at affordable prices. 

What is the ethos of MaheTri?

MaheTri focuses on offering premium-quality handmade leather products and accessories. Their exclusive team of craftsmen comprises of workers who have been in this business for years. With their contemporary craftsmanship and excellent stitching skills, MaheTri’s craftsmen curate these wonderful masterpieces using 100% pure full-grain leather stitched with hard nylon thread. 

Their goal is to provide their consumers with high-quality leather without harming the environment. Each of their product is made from pure leather and is exclusively designed as per the requirements of the customers. 

Products offered by MaheTri

MaheTri Women

For Women: 

  • Handbags
  • Sling Bags
  • Tote Bags
  • Office Bags
  • Accessories
  • Clutches


For Men

  • Backpacks
  • Briefcases
  • Laptop Bags
  • Office Bags
  • Duffel Bags
  • Messenger Bags

Mahetri Accessories

Accessories & Apparels

  • Belts 
  • Wallets
  • Journals
  • Toiletry Bags
  • Camera Bags
  • Leather Jackets

MaheTri’s Mantra of staying ahead of Competition

Compared to the majority of their rivals, who happen to source raw materials from China or other countries, they benefit from scale efficiency that is far greater. From designing to production, all the work is handled in India, which makes their leather products affordable.

MaheTri going the Vegan way

MaheTri believes that fashion should radiate from the inside out. Cruelty-free fashion is rooted in kindness, empathy, and love for everyone. Considering that MaheTri came up with an idea to introduce Vegan products for its vegan clients. Their level of creativity in vegan leather production is just phenomenal. MaheTri has developed biodegradable and partially biodegradable leather from a wide variety of plants and plant byproducts.

MaheTri takes your idea and turns it into a gorgeous designer product through their customised design concept. Their team of experts specializes in leather and textile items and understands the requirements of the target market. Accordingly, they plan their activities towards curating a well-developed product that meets the expectations of the end user.  

Today, form and function must coexist with tradition, and this is why, MaheTri’s loyal customers rely on this brand, to make sure they leave home well-prepared to face anything that comes their way, from an unexpected storm to that crucial deal, while looking sharp. Their products are precisely as dependable as they are objects of integrity and beauty. From consulting to designing to manufacturing, MaheTri does it all. Click here to explore their website. 



LocalsMart: An Innovative Idea From Udaipur Set To Make a National Presence

Can you guess the top best things that happened recently in Udaipur? Well, we can surely introduce one of them to you “LocalsMart”. An idea that originated in the minds of young Udaipurites is now bringing the local bazaars(customer and vendors) back together.

It is not just a startup working to create an E-commerce store for all the small local vendors in the name of digitization, but rather a platform for bringing the fun of local market shopping into a single App.

Vision of LocalsMart

As we all know how online shopping is trending these days, especially due to its convenience and ease of use. This has negatively affected the local market. Considering the negative impact of online shopping on the regional market, Mr Prateek Sanganeria and his team of four (Aditya Tandon, Dhrupad Shrivastava and Suyesh Ranawat) came up with the idea of creating a platform that acts as a bridge between customers and the local vendors. Through their LocalsMart app, the customers and vendors can directly communicate with each other without any boundaries and restrictions. LocalsMart allows the local vendors to do their business in their style with the help of technology.

This creative platform has attracted everyone’s attention with its premium-quality products and gained the confidence of a variety of consumers. Currently, they have 1200 users with 500 vendors on board. By far 560 inquiries have been resolved with an average of 21 queries per day, out of which 89.5% queries were resolved within 2 hours. 

Mission Of LocalsMart

After experiencing significant success in its initial phase of operations, LocalsMart is looking forward to expanding its horizons. Currently, they are functioning within Udaipur, Rajasthan, but in the upcoming years, they are hoping to spread their wings throughout Rajasthan and PAN India.

LocalsMart gives a distinctive shopping experience to its clients through its unique concept. Moreover, its bidding option ensures that the users get the best price on every transaction. Customers can now get a wide range of everyday items at reasonable prices with just one click. Standing tall at a 98% satisfaction level, it is wonderful to observe how LocalsMart is gaining popularity. They have received an overwhelming response from both the vendors as well as the customers.

 How does it work?

LocalsMart                                          LocalsMart

Step 1: Open Google Play Store on your Android.

Step 2: Find LocalsMart App and tap on the Install icon to download the app.

Step 3: Open the downloaded LocalsMart App and register yourself by entering your name, and phone number, and clicking on the “Request OTP Icon.”

Step 4: An OTP will be generated on your registered mobile phone. Please enter that on the app to be a registered member.

Step 5: You can now type or record your query or generate a purchase request and send it to LocalsMart.

Step 6: Multiple quotations/bids will be issued by the concerned vendors against your query. Accordingly, select the best price you wish to purchase the item and seal the deal.

The core idea behind this concept is to save the local market. Their app brings the customers and the local vendors together under one platform, where they can purchase their desired products, at their desired price with one click. 

Why LocalsMart?

The business concept of LocalsMart was created in the interests of both customers and vendors. Besides offering a wide range of premium-quality products to the customers at a reasonable price, it also provides a lucrative opportunity for the vendors to expand their business and earn healthy profit margins, as well as business training and technical support. LocalsMart will give local shopkeepers, aspiring business owners, and investors the opportunity they need to experience increased development and wealth creation.

We strongly recommend you to take advantage of this opportunity and be a part of LocalsMart Group either as a vendor or as a customer and position yourself for exciting offers and a successful future.


All About Hariyali Amavasya

About Hariyali Amavasya

Popularly referred to as “Sawan month”, Shravana is a Hindu lunar month. This entire month is regarded as an ideal time for offering homage to Lord Shiva. This month is considered to be a lucky month and is dedicated to the significance of the environment. Worshipping agricultural equipment throughout this month teaches us about the value of agriculture. Hariyali Amavasya or Shravani Amavasya is the most celebrated day of Sawan Month as it falls in this month.

Hariyali Amavasya is celebrated on the day when there is no moon (Amavasya) during Krishna Paksha in the month of Shravana. It indicates the beginning of the monsoon season. Moreover, it is the first Amavasya of Shravana month with a strong religious foundation. Hariyali Amavasya celebrations are well known in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh. Moreover, it is also celebrated as “Gatari Amavasya” in Maharashtra, “Chukkala Amavasya” in Andhra Pradesh, and “Chitalagi Amavasya” in Odisha.

The Importance of Hariyali Amavasya

The month of “Shravana” is devoted to Lord Shiva, and Hariyali Amavasya occurs three days before the celebrations of “Hariyali Teej.” It is most significantly connected with the monsoon season, which is essential for a productive harvest and the avoidance of draughts. In Hindu mythology, the month of “Shravana” is considered lucky for requesting the blessings of Gods and Goddesses. Pitru Tarpan and Daan Punya are considered lucky rituals to do on Hariyali Amavasya . According to Hindu mythology, the peepal tree is home to Tridev, Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Hence, people worship the peepal tree on Hariyali Amavasya.

Moreover, it is considered lucky to worship Lord Shiva and Parvathi on this day as it is believed that they will set the worshippers free from their problems. In the northern part of India, Hariyali Amavasya is celebrated with a special puja, whereas in Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat it is celebrated in the form of Ashadha Amavasya. Furthermore, this religious festival is also marked by the disciples of Lord Krishna, who organize festivals in Mathura and Vrindavan in order to receive his blessings.

Celebration of Hariyali Amavasya Festival

People worship Lord Shiva on this lucky day. All their prayers are dedicated to wishing for a successful monsoon that will result in a wholesome agricultural harvest. Lord Krishna’s followers visit the Dwarkadish temple in Mathura and pray there. People do the same by going to the Banke Bihari shrine in Vrindavan. The Phool Bangal Utsav concludes at this location on the Hariyali Amavasya day. Jaipur organises a large-scale “puja” as well.

hariyali amavasya cellebration

Hariyali Amavasya Celebration in Udaipur

The Hariyali Amavasya festival is celebrated in a unique way in Udaipur by organizing a fair. The fair continues for two days where there are multiple food stalls, amusements, games, clothing, and jewellery. An aura of playfulness seeps into this fair. Everybody, from the young to the old, enjoys the fair, which attracts visitors from all over the nation.

History says that the Hariyali Amavasya fair was initiated by Maharana Fateh Singh, who also designed the renowned Fatehpur Sagarwas. He saw that the Dewali Pond’s water was being wasted to a great extent. So he transformed it into a reservoir to satisfy the requirements of the people. Hence after its completion, a fair was held on a moonless night during the rainy season, which later was known as the Hariyali Amawas. This fair was organised by the rulers in power for the ordinary people. The fact that the ritual is being performed today is also just astonishing.

The fair is dispersed from Saheliyon ki Badi to lake Fateh Sagar. Embellished with stunning and vibrant costumes, traditional music, dance, jewellery, and food vendors, this fair is a pure wonderland that leaves everyone enchanted. Although both men and women attend this fair, the second day of the fair is devoted exclusively to ladies. Men are not allowed on the second day of the fair. All the women pray for their families’ well-being on Hariyali Amavasya.