A Psychology Talk with Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi Chouhan

This week I got a chance to talk to the very popular personality among students, flourishingly intelligent and also the very caring Professor from our city- our most respected Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi Chouhan- former Dean, Students Welfare Board, MLSU & the H.O.D. University Psychology Department.

Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi Chouhan | UdaipurBlog
Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi Chouhan

As people practically know very little about the subject, the most qualified & experienced person from the field of Psychology in our city- an epitome of exemplary excellence in herself, was interviewed, to provide the readers with a better view towards the subject. We really thank her for sparing her time to have a discussion with Kalpit. This is how the conversation went-

Q. Psychology- many conceptions and misconceptions!!! In your words, what is it?

A. Psychology is the subject of natures & behaviors. It is more or less the spine of our behaviour! As the spinal cord balances our brain, keeps it in place; similarly it’s the psychology of a person that keeps its life on a balance. Psychology in itself holds a high place of importance in daily life as it is what makes a person capable of analyzing himself, his society and surroundings; mould an understanding & further have his personal development.
We behold many problems in our life and thoughtfully the root of all problems lies in our psyche! To solve them properly, a psychological understanding is needed.

Q. People rarely know the difference between Psychology & Psychiatry. While those who know; generally believe “Psychiatry” to be a higher level of knowledge; my question is that, are the people specializing through basic degrees in science & arts; as “Psychologists” really inferior to them?

A. A student with the qualification M.B.B.S. + P.G. in Psychiatry is a Psychiatrist while those with M.A. or M.Sc. in Psychology are called Psychologists.
It’s the people’s mentality that has decided it higher. In actual, Psychiatry is just a part of Psychology. On the other hand, Psychology is a wide subject, covering all the aspects.
Psychiatry is the treatment of abnormals with the use of medicines. The flow of our blood, the rate at which we breathe, and many such things depend on our thoughts! To understand & analyze the problem in a wider perspective, we always go with Psychology.

Q. Though a very interesting subject; people have a say that it has low returns in the form of income! What is your verdict on it?

A. It’s merely a misconception aroused out of lack of knowledge & fallacies. Firstly, we can’t limit Psychology to any boundary; it finds its application everywhere. Practically, every 5th person needs a Psychologist; it’s just that being in a poverty-stricken nation, people can’t afford it!
And although, most of the Psychologists are dedicated to their work without any greed, still if you’ve asked- The income in this profession counts in Lakhs. A proper treatment starts with a least fee of Rs. 500 & may reach even 5 lakhs, depending upon the need!

Q. If asked about career specialization, which branch of Psychology you would suggest!

A. No part of a body is more or less. Eyes are as important as ears, so is our tongue! We can never decide which one is the premium! All fields are good at their place; solely depends on the student’s aptitude & choice, which branch he/she is best suited for! If a person wants and finds himself apt to treat abnormal behaviours; he may take Clinical Psychology or Psychiatry; and if he is more comfortable with industries & management life, he may move to Industrial Psychology; and so with the other branches.

Q. Will you name some good colleges for higher studies in psychology?

A. Studying it metros like Delhi & Mumbai will help a lot due to the competition as well as availability of investments.

Q. You’re a Professor since a long time, what do you feel are the standards of Govt. Colleges & the facilities provided in the Psychology Laboratories?

A. It feels disappointing, that in Rajasthan, the subject is not taken properly. We still see here that people believe & say- “Psychology is a subject meant only to be studied by insanes!” In fact, it is the subject which is followed by the most thoughtful & the reasoned ones. A Psychologist needs many elements for his proper furnishing. Tolerance, Will Power & Dedication are in oneself, they don’t need someone’s finances for these; but to check some behaviours and the levels they have reached; specific machinery & equipments are required to get accurate results.
And these facilities aren’t provided. Hence the condition is not so good.

Q. Living in the Indian Society, we see many deaths & diseases occurring due to paranormal reasons; how do you visualize it? (Parapsychology- the branch that deals with the study of spirits)

A. Indian culture is very vast, has a lot of literature describing it! Many highly effective psychological treatments are given in the Vedas; we too use them. Scientifically, it’s the person’s mentality/psychology that goes misguided; this is what is treated then.

Q. Does Telepathy really exist?

A. As a Behavioural Scientist, I’ll say; it depends on what you individually feel. Give a thought, If I’m thinking about someone or something and that happens to be by chance; then it’s totally my personal feeling and belief that telepathy is occurring with me.

Q. India as a nation holds a lot of diversity. What do you think may bring together all in a flow?

A. It’s a positive thing that our society has a lot of variety. I see it as a better part. It’s also the reason why we have comparatively less mental & depression patients than the western countries. There they have a similar lifestyle, which with time brings monotony and thus professional treatment needs! While our cultural combination- colored with festivals, fairs and relations; brings a feeling of happiness & change from time to time, relaxes us to the best.

Q. In the end Ma’m, any message to the students through UdaipurBlog?

A. Yes definitely.
Disregarding as students, you are in which field; I advise you all to study Psychology. Even if you don’t take it as a career; it is a great help in administering yourself, to analyze and understand life in a better way.
It shall definitely leave you with a better perspective towards life.

By Kalpit Rajak

Professional researcher from Udaipur, working as writer & interviewer on UdaipurBlog.
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