5 Things to Do on Internet Ban Days in Udaipur

Internet has become a crucial part of our lives and we didn’t even realize it until the news of internet ban struck our ears. Without the internet, our smartphones seem like a pizza without toppings. While it is not possible for us to give you your colorful internet days but here are some things which you can do while your cell phone is on rest.


Enjoy Monsoons live without ‘Going Live’

Internet Ban? 5 Things to Do on Internet-Free Days in Udaipur
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We tend to enjoy monsoons in our city quite too much isn’t it? But before the rain actually touches the ground, it touches our Instagram. People start flooding their social networking sites with pictures and videos of monsoon. So, this time explore the city and feel the serenity it has to offer during monsoons without carrying the baggage of posting everything on social networking sites.


Talk to your Family

Internet Ban? 5 Things to Do on Internet-Free Days in Udaipur
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It might seem a bit overrated and ordinary but you cannot imagine how many stories they have to offer you. They belong to a time when the internet didn’t even exist so instead of investing their time on the internet, they have created some unforgettable stories that are worth a lifetime. At the end of all this you will realize that these folks can be interesting too.


Go through your old ‘physical’ photo albums

Internet Ban? 5 Things to Do on Internet-Free Days in Udaipur
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When digitalization didn’t overtake the reality, your parents and even your grandparents used to store the moments of your childhood in photo albums. Those were the times when clicking and getting photos printed had a cost and so you won’t see repetitive photos there with different poses. These photos will either make you shy and embarrassed about how you used to look or it is possible that you end up calling your childhood self cute. Either way, you will have a great time.


Go shopping

Internet Ban? 5 Things to Do on Internet-Free Days in Udaipur
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Cut some slack to window shopping for a bit and actually go out to buy something good for you and your loved ones. And while we are talking about that, you could try shopping at ‘The Celebration Mall’ since it is offering flat 50% off on huge brands like AND, Iconic, Levi’s, UCB, Wrangler, etc. Isn’t it a happy coincidence?


Dial to an old friend

Internet Ban? 5 Things to Do on Internet-Free Days in Udaipur
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If you just can’t stop yourself from checking your phone repeatedly and getting disappointed because there’s no notification or text, then either you can keep doing it for the entire day and wait for the turtle time to pass or you can dial an old friend. It may seem weird or awkward calling someone out of the blue but trust me you will get out the zone. You will feel a hell lot of nostalgia while recalling the time that you spent and the fun you had together. You never know what you might end up with.

By Juhee Mehta

Literally, see characters of books in every person she meets. Apart from eating, she is found adventuring and talking to herself. Believes in magic and escape reality through words. If she possibly knows you, you might find yourself in her poems.

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The last internet ban in udaipur few months ago had left me red faced. I could not connect to one of my company’s client meetings which i planned to take care of from home. It was silly trying to explain to the team why their was internet ban. Now looking at the frequent bans i have sadly limited my visits to the city only to the times i am jobless

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