Udaipur students develop Smart Sticks for Blinds

The advancement of technology is proving to be a boom in all walks of life. With the help of this advancing technology, the students of Aravali Institution of Technical Studies, Udaipur have developed ‘Smart Stick’ for the blind people.

Garvit Paliwal and Sumit Sharma from Aravali Institution of Technical Studies have together worked on this project of developing this ‘Smart Stick’.

The stick uses smart technology to help visually-impaired people navigate their surroundings. It can detect and give a signal with popping sound and vibration if anything comes in front of the person. The stick also emits light to give a signal to other people during the night. The signal will make the person in from alert about the blind person and avoid accidents.

The stick is also equipped with GPS for the users to pair it with their smartphone and integrate it with a voice assistant and Google Maps.

Features of Smart Stick:

  • Smart technology to help visually-impaired people navigate efficiently.
  • It can give a signal with popping sound and vibration.
  • Lighting signal for others to alert them and avoid accidents.
  • Equipped with GPS technology.

This stick helps the needy to make their life easy.

Check out the demo video to know more:

By Neha Tare

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