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Udaipur’s Music Artist featured on America’s Music Magazine Rolling Stone

A verified music artist, lyricist, composer and singer from Udaipur, Jay Sharma released his latest single April Shower, which got featured on Rolling Stone India – the Indian edition of the world’s greatest music and pop culture magazine.

Jay is a verified artist on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube and has been making music from the past 3 years. His recent release, ‘April Shower’, is his 7th solo video which received an amazing response from the audience. The song caught the attention of the Indian edition of America’s leading music magazine, Rolling Stone.

22 years old Jay felt inclined towards music since a very young age. He wrote his first song when he was just 18.

Presently, Jay is engaged in the music industry as a lyricist, composer and singer. He has been in the film industry for 4 years as a Director, Cinematographer, Editor and Colorist.

Jay has also directed music videos which have been featured on Shemaroo, SonyLIV and Zee Music. He has also been a co-editor in a documentary called “Blind to Speak” which got nominated at Cannes Lions Film Festival 2018 and Bronze Winner of Clio Awards 2018.

Jay has been listening to different genres of music but is especially attracted to Lo-Fi music.

He started his journey as a SoundCloud artist and released his first single “It’s over” on the online audio distribution platform and music sharing website.

His breakthrough release, “Suicide Note”, gave him a huge audience and was greatly appreciated by the youth. After Suicide Note, “Alone” was his first song which got released by Hungama Digital Entertainment.

Jay has released many more singles like Poison, It’s Raining Outside, and Europa all of which were greatly appreciated by the audience.

Jay says,

“My journey was not easy. It had a lot of ups and downs but I’m thankful for where I am today. Being an Artist for me means putting my best feet forward every day, and to create music that makes a difference.

And my words for upcoming hailing artists is going to be LISTEN to GOOD MUSIC and MAKE GOOD MUSIC.”

To listen to his latest single release, April Shower, check out the links below:

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Rolling Stone Post Link:


T-Series to produce a Biopic on Udaipur’s Open Water Swimmer, Bhakti Sharma

The renowned production company, T-Series, is said to produce a biopic on Mumbai-born-Udaipur-raised open water swimmer, Bhakti Sharma. The biopic is written by Bhavani Iyer who has written the screenplay for films like Lootera, Black, Raazi, and the upcoming new season of Amazon Prime Video’s Breathe series.

This will be one of its kind of film set in and around the world of swimming. The film which is said to be planned for the year 2021, will be produced by Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series. The production house is believed to be in talks with an A-list director to helm it. Besides, it will soon start approaching actors to play the role of the record-breaking swimmer.

Bhakti set the world record by swimming 1.4 miles in 41.14 minutes at Antarctic Ocean at a temperature of 1 degree in 2016. She also holds a world record with her mother Leena Sharma for being the first mother-daughter pair to swim across the English Channel which is called as the Mount Everest of swimming.

From the scorching heat of Rajasthan to the bone-chilling waters of the record-breaking swim in Antarctica and her fearless crossing of the English Channel, Bhakti Sharma’s life has been full of courage and inspiration.

The biopic will be diving deep into Bhakti Sharma’s journey, focusing more on her relationship with her mother Leena who has also been her coach and started teaching her swimming right when she was two and a half years old.

The biopic is expected to cover all these aspects of her life and the social and cultural battles she and her mother fought in the way to achieve success in a sport like swimming.


Fearless Udaipur girl who drove from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on Activa

Embarked on a journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari – the full north to south stretch of India – Udaipur’s Neetu Chopra was on a mission to spread the message of women safety.
Named as #RideForRevolution, Neetu took this journey on December 15 after the infamous case of Hyderabad gang-rape in which a veterinary doctor, riding an Activa, was raped and killed brutally by four men late in the evening, sent a shock to the entire nation.
Through this act, Neetu wanted to spread the message of women safety and importance of self-defence in a woman’s life. She believes that it is important for the women in the society to be strong and come out of their safe zones.
With her 4600 km long journey, Neetu achieved the title of India Book of Record for “The Longest Ride on Activa by a girl” where she covered 10 states in 18 days while conducting self-defence sessions at 38 places.

The 28-year-old FreeFlying Eagle, as she calls herself, left home on an Activa, on December 15, 2019, to travel solo all the way to Kashmir and then to Kanyakumari, the southern tip of mainland India. She covered a distance of more than 7,600 km across India in 42 days.

Udaipur Achievers
The final route map

Neetu says that her purpose was simple and clear:

“People say that girls should stay indoors; they should not go out alone after dark. I wanted to prove them wrong. I want girls to move without fear.”

She wanted to prove to the society that it can be done and that is the reason she travelled alone across the country to encourage girls to have confidence and faith in themselves.

Neetu, who has pursued her MBA, runs an event management company named Nitanju Events. She has also been a part of the National Cadet Corps during her college days therefore also an adventure enthusiast.

Neetu says,

“I know that every girl is not an athlete and she might not be physically strong, but they must be mentally prepared. They should not be scared when faced with a dangerous situation”

She did the journey from Madurai-Kanyakumari at night to prove that is was safe to do so.

During her trial run from Udaipur to Kashmir, Neetu realised that two men were following her on a bike near Pali. They kept honking to annoy her. Realising that she could not outpace them on a scooter, Neetu stopped the vehicle, took off her helmet and yelled at them till they left her alone.

After that incident, she realised that keeping some safety measures handy is important. So she got her helmet fixed with a visor which, if broken, would send a signal to the nearest ambulance service. Besides, Neetu also carried a Taser with her for self-defence throughout the journey.

Her live location was shared with the All Indian Riders Group and the Jain Society, all the time.

Her advice to girls is:

“When you are travelling alone, never speed. In fact, travel at a safe speed. Girls must undergo self-defence training and be mentally prepared and alert.”

Her idea of women’s independence doesn’t only mean financial independence. She feels:

“A woman should be allowed to make her own decisions without constraints.”


Udaipur students develop Smart Sticks for Blinds

The advancement of technology is proving to be a boom in all walks of life. With the help of this advancing technology, the students of Aravali Institution of Technical Studies, Udaipur have developed ‘Smart Stick’ for the blind people.

Garvit Paliwal and Sumit Sharma from Aravali Institution of Technical Studies have together worked on this project of developing this ‘Smart Stick’.

The stick uses smart technology to help visually-impaired people navigate their surroundings. It can detect and give a signal with popping sound and vibration if anything comes in front of the person. The stick also emits light to give a signal to other people during the night. The signal will make the person in from alert about the blind person and avoid accidents.

The stick is also equipped with GPS for the users to pair it with their smartphone and integrate it with a voice assistant and Google Maps.

Features of Smart Stick:

  • Smart technology to help visually-impaired people navigate efficiently.
  • It can give a signal with popping sound and vibration.
  • Lighting signal for others to alert them and avoid accidents.
  • Equipped with GPS technology.

This stick helps the needy to make their life easy.

Check out the demo video to know more:


Meet a young boy from Nathdwara with 1 M YouTube Subscribers

YouTube has emerged as one of the largest video sharing platforms. And with so many YouTubers getting millions of views and subscribers, they have now become celebrities in their own rights.

But, when we talk about young YouTubers with millions of subscribers, the list is not that long. And if you filter the list as YouTubers from small towns, we’re talking about an even smaller pool of those who have made it to the top.

So, here we have Gagan Sharma, a 20-year-old YouTuber from the small town of Nathdwara, who owns the YouTube channel Cars For You which has serious views with upwards of 1M subscribers.

See what he has to share about his YouTubing experience.

When & why did you start making YouTube videos?

I started the channel Cars For You in April 2016. While searching for some YouTube videos related to my studies, I started wondering why so many people upload videos on YouTube. I did a little research on it realized that YouTube gives money for uploading content. And so, just thought of giving it a try.

What or who inspired you to start your YouTube channel?

I love watching celebrities’ luxury car collection and that’s what Cars For You is all about. Before Cars For You came into existence in 2016, the luxury car collection videos on YouTube only included slideshow format. So, I started making and uploading own content related to celebrities’ luxury car collection and later added the luxury celebrity lifestyle segment which was not there earlier.

Honestly, the fame and money that followed made me stick to it. I feel that almost 99% of people are making YouTube videos for money and there is nothing wrong in it.

How much time do you give to your channel?

I spend around 4-6 hours of a day on my YouTube channel.

How did you promote your channel when you first started?

I simply started with uploading content on YouTube and sharing it with friends on WhatsApp. I was getting around 25 to 30 views in a day initially. The content, because of its newness, became viral giving the channel the required boost.

What did you do to get so many subscribers?

I consistently kept uploading the content related to celebrities’ luxury car collection which was trending. I have been uploading a 1 video every 2 days at the same time since the time I started my channel. And from an article which shares the tips to grow your YouTube channel, I learned that as per the YouTube algorithm, content published around 7:00 PM gets a good response.

What do you think are the key reasons for the success of your YouTube channel?

Uploading unique yet trending content on a consistent basis is the major the primary reason behind this success of Cars For You. You can check the latest trending things on Google Trends.

Also, from my experience, I suggest not to quit too early. Some of my YouTube videos went viral after 9 months of uploading them. Sharing videos on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter also helped a lot.

How do you keep coming up with new ideas for videos?

I look for trending topics related to my channel on Google Trends. Sometimes I just make the videos own my choice that I love to watch while some of my videos are made on subscribers’ demand.

How do see it as your future/career?

Although I aspire to open my own car garage, I have not thought of YouTubing as a career. As of now, I am doing it for fun. I am studying, I have a page on Facebook and I also own a website. All these things can help me to shape my career as well.

Any tips you would like to give to the new YouTubers?

Keep on creating and sharing content on Youtube which you love. You never know what can get viral. Do not copy other’s ideas. If someone is making viral tech content, you do not necessarily have to make something similar. Make what you love.

Consistently keep on uploading trending content. For the first six months, my YouTube channel was only able to gain 187 odd subscribers. Once my videos started getting viral, I gained subscribers and views to reach this number.

Check out Gagan’s YouTube channel on the link below:


8 year old Saivi Singh’s name registered in International Olympiad Hall of Fame

Eight-year-old Udaipur girl, Saivi Singh’s name has entered in the ‘Hall of Fame’ in International Science Olympiad. Saivi is the first student from Udaipur to get this achievement.

International Science Olympiad is a test of competency and proficiency in Science which is held annually at both National and International levels. Hall of Fame is awarded to those who set a record by competing with students from around the world.

Saivi had earlier set a record of 1443 stories telling by seeing the pictures. Besides, she is also the first one from Rajasthan to be selected as a ‘Team Squad’ for Amar Chitra Katha’s Tinkle Comic Studio.


Udaipur’s Sanjay Audichya wins Muscle Mania Asia Championship

Udaipur’s Sanjay Audichya won the Model Asia and Sports Model Asia titles in the Muscle Mania Asia Championship which was held in Singapore’s Lasalle College of Arts on 13th and 14th December 2019. Out of the 48 participating countries, Sanjay was the only contestant to represent India in the Model Asia category.

Muscle Mania is the world’s premier natural bodybuilding organisation which organises various competitions including physique, fitness, sports model and bodybuilding championships on both national and international level. The participants are prohibited to use any hormonal supplements and are required to work hard to participate.

Sanjay is a fitness expert and a natural athlete who runs his own fitness centre in Udaipur. After winning the Model Asia title, Sanjay has been selected for Model Universe Championship which will take place in the United States in 2020.


Udaipur swimmer, Bhakti Sharma featured on TED Talks India Nayi Baat on Starplus

Udaipur’s mermaid, Bhakti Sharma, who is the youngest swimmer to swim in all the five oceans of the world, was featured on the TED Talk India Nayi Baat – a popular talk show series hosted by the King Khan of Bollywood – Shahrukh Khan. The show was aired on Starplus on 3rd November 2019.

You can watch the episode ‘Investing in Yourself’ streaming on Hotstar on the link below:

TED Talks India Nayi Baat is a talk-show series that turns the spotlight on the changemakers doing extraordinary work. These visionaries and everyday heroes spark new conversations, infuse movements with energy and inspire a billion imaginations to action.

Bhakti Sharma is one such inspiration for all the young kids who want to showcase their talent out there to the world. An open-water swimmer and the youngest in the world to set a record in open swimming in Antarctic waters, Bhakti started her swimming journey at the age of 2. Through this talk show, she talks about how to swim through adversities like a pro and shape your own destiny.

Bhakti has been awarded Tenzing Norgay National Award by President of India. The swimmer, who was coached by her mother Leena Sharma, broke all the previous records and became the 1st Asian and youngest in the world to swim the Antarctic Ocean. She swam almost 2.3 km in 41.14 minutes and for this achievement, she got praised by the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Besides, there are a lot of other achievements by which Bhakti has made the country proud. Some of them include World record for the longest distance covered swimming in Antarctica, World’s youngest swimmer to have swum across the seven seas, Member of the first three-member relay team to have swum the English Channel etc.