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Udaipur Today on 15-July-2010 after so many cloudy morning today we got to view the bloom of the sun this morning. But till the noon the atmosphere started to change and finally huge black clouds took over the vast sky of Udaipur City.

And it started to rain around 3.30pm. rain started from North of the City and moved towards west. It rained quite well for 15-30min. accompanied with Wind, in every region of the Udaipur City. As usual the pits got filled with water and it was water water everywhere.

Finally, We enjoyed the evening at Fatehsagar Lake Moving from Hiran Magri – Durga Nursery – SurajPole – Bapu Bazar – DelhiGate – FatehSagar.

Got to see that today. Traffic police were not behind the regular citizen drivers rather they were behind the Autos(Public Transport) Vehicles. Maybe the day was for for them reason maybe overloading of tempos or not wearing proper driver uniform or License.

By Sanjit Chohan

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i just love coming on the banks of badi lake…..
a beautiful place to be at..wonderful…
i have my memories of there as well..miss that time…
great place,,,

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