UB Gossips with Mr. Vinod Balchandani | Famous Wedding Film Maker & Cinematographer from Udaipur

Weddings are an indispensable part of our lives. Earlier, weddings were confined to photos and simple videos, but as the technology has swooped in, couples and families are opting for advanced ways to keep their memories alive. Nowadays, couples are excited about pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots, and cinematography as well.

It is the dream of every girl to have a wedding like in the movies; to be the star cast of their own film! For all those who wish to get their own movie shot, Mr. Vinod Balchandani from Wedding Cinema Udaipur is here to resolve all those wedding shoots related queries. He has recently won the ‘Ravishing Wedding Award’ and is all set to achieve greater accolades in the cinematography industry.

We had a very interesting conversation with Mr. Vinod Balchandani about his journey, his ups and downs, his success and his experience in cinematography.

Let’s Hear It from The Man Himself- What It Takes to Make Dreams Come True!!!

What are the challenges that a wedding photographer has to go through during his journey? What does this journey look like initially and how does it proceeds all the way to its growth and success?

Watch Mr. Vinod Balchandani explaining all about it through his very own experience.

Every job has its own perks, crazy incidents, fun moments. Team UB Member, Kajal Walwani, asked Mr. Balchandani about some of his personal favorite experience out of all that he had.

Watch what all does he has in store for you.


All about Ravishing Wedding award and how such a spontaneous profession can be chosen by girls is what all Mr. Vinod going to answer in the forthcoming video.


The rapid-fire round has always been the quirkiest part of an interview. Don’t you think so? We had a very interesting and fun-filled rapid-fire round with Mr. Vinod.

Watch the video below for interesting answers given by Mr. Balchandani.

Wasn’t the entire conversation strikingly awesome? There were so many things that we didn’t know about wedding photography and cinematography and Mr. Vinod Balchandani has certainly cleared the clouds for us.

Well, I am sure that we have covered most of the questions for you. But still, if you have any question coming up from the back of your head, do not worry, you can just ask the question in the comment section below.

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