The Yuvaz Burned It Up

The Yuvaz One of  The leading Event Managers in Udaipur showed their magic once again. RKay Mall’s Hall became the Epicenter of A rocking party on 18th May. The Party was a huge success and rocked a crowd of  about 70 Energetic and enthusiastic youngsters. It started at 6.30 and continued till almost 10.It was based Upon – Bollywood Black And White theme and was a Torched Themed Party.

Burn it Up

Apart from the drinks and snacks, D.J. Puneet’s Beats infused an unlimited supply of energy and got every guy’s feet moving.The ‘Torch Themed Party‘ created a completely unreal yet gorgeous atmosphere.

It Surely was  one of the Most Chilling and Thrilling Dance Party in Udaipur. It included

    • Conceptual Dancing Theme
    • Gifts
    • Best dancer

Banging Heads, Shaking Legs and Tapping Feet was something that no-one could resist. The Bollywood Beats, Awesome Music and youngsters made the evening a Rocking one. 🙂

Check Out the Glimpses Of That Evening:

After witnessing it all we could say is that The Yuvaz Surely BURNED IT UP.

Great Work guys. Keep Rocking….!! We will be Waiting for your Upcoming Parties 😀

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