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The Royal Prince is now at a distance of a ‘LIKE’

Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar

The Mewar Royal Family and The Eternal Mewar dynasty need no introduction, not only to us but to the entire world.

The Royal Family has always been lending a helpful hand to our city whenever needed, via many of its charitable trusts, and social works. The HRH group of hotels also, does not need any introduction; it is famous both among the masses and the classes. In the same chain, to increase the public interaction directly with the royal family, the prince of the Eternal Mewar dynasty, His Highness Mr. Lakshyaraj Singh Ji Mewar has taken another social hi-tech step, and that step is interaction via Facebook.

The most charming and adorable prince is now on Facebook via his official public profile page which already has more than 1900 members. Here he interacts with the public, shares his views about the city, and his thoughts of wisdom with everyone. This is first of its kind phenomenon of social interaction as there has been no such attempt by any royal family in India. He tries his best to respond to each and every comment or post.

On asking his highness The Prince of Mewar about his idea for taking such an innovative step, He says, “It has not been as a very long time since I am back home to my motherland. I have been missing my family, friends, the city and its vibrant colorful life. Coming back home feels like being at ease, and being among my own people. A sense of belonging exists. Being back home and connecting with citizen, I feel great pleasure with the love and friendly response I receive from them.

He hopes to hear more from people and share more so that together we could create a better tomorrow by creating a better today for our City.

Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar

The link to his official fan page is given below where people can connect with him:

Facebook Fan Page:

Article Contribution by : Ronak Chauhan

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One reply on “The Royal Prince is now at a distance of a ‘LIKE’”

Thanks for posting this. I am about to make Udaipur my new home in India. Keep it up! India’s youth needs to be made aware of India’s royal family for Lord Rama hails from this family.

Wish to learn more about our princess also. Perhaps you can do an article on her also?


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