Meet a young boy from Nathdwara with 1 M YouTube Subscribers

YouTube has emerged as one of the largest video sharing platforms. And with so many YouTubers getting millions of views and subscribers, they have now become celebrities in their own rights.

But, when we talk about young YouTubers with millions of subscribers, the list is not that long. And if you filter the list as YouTubers from small towns, we’re talking about an even smaller pool of those who have made it to the top.

So, here we have Gagan Sharma, a 20-year-old YouTuber from the small town of Nathdwara, who owns the YouTube channel Cars For You which has serious views with upwards of 1M subscribers.

See what he has to share about his YouTubing experience.

When & why did you start making YouTube videos?

I started the channel Cars For You in April 2016. While searching for some YouTube videos related to my studies, I started wondering why so many people upload videos on YouTube. I did a little research on it realized that YouTube gives money for uploading content. And so, just thought of giving it a try.

What or who inspired you to start your YouTube channel?

I love watching celebrities’ luxury car collection and that’s what Cars For You is all about. Before Cars For You came into existence in 2016, the luxury car collection videos on YouTube only included slideshow format. So, I started making and uploading own content related to celebrities’ luxury car collection and later added the luxury celebrity lifestyle segment which was not there earlier.

Honestly, the fame and money that followed made me stick to it. I feel that almost 99% of people are making YouTube videos for money and there is nothing wrong in it.

How much time do you give to your channel?

I spend around 4-6 hours of a day on my YouTube channel.

How did you promote your channel when you first started?

I simply started with uploading content on YouTube and sharing it with friends on WhatsApp. I was getting around 25 to 30 views in a day initially. The content, because of its newness, became viral giving the channel the required boost.

What did you do to get so many subscribers?

I consistently kept uploading the content related to celebrities’ luxury car collection which was trending. I have been uploading a 1 video every 2 days at the same time since the time I started my channel. And from an article which shares the tips to grow your YouTube channel, I learned that as per the YouTube algorithm, content published around 7:00 PM gets a good response.

What do you think are the key reasons for the success of your YouTube channel?

Uploading unique yet trending content on a consistent basis is the major the primary reason behind this success of Cars For You. You can check the latest trending things on Google Trends.

Also, from my experience, I suggest not to quit too early. Some of my YouTube videos went viral after 9 months of uploading them. Sharing videos on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter also helped a lot.

How do you keep coming up with new ideas for videos?

I look for trending topics related to my channel on Google Trends. Sometimes I just make the videos own my choice that I love to watch while some of my videos are made on subscribers’ demand.

How do see it as your future/career?

Although I aspire to open my own car garage, I have not thought of YouTubing as a career. As of now, I am doing it for fun. I am studying, I have a page on Facebook and I also own a website. All these things can help me to shape my career as well.

Any tips you would like to give to the new YouTubers?

Keep on creating and sharing content on Youtube which you love. You never know what can get viral. Do not copy other’s ideas. If someone is making viral tech content, you do not necessarily have to make something similar. Make what you love.

Consistently keep on uploading trending content. For the first six months, my YouTube channel was only able to gain 187 odd subscribers. Once my videos started getting viral, I gained subscribers and views to reach this number.

Check out Gagan’s YouTube channel on the link below: