Welcoming The Season Of Hibernation – The Season Of Silent Love.

Hands in hands, a long walk along the pal of fatehsagar, shivering by the frosty breeze, holding a kulhad of hot sipping coffee and relishing soft romantic music in my ears.

It is a way to rejoice yourself in this chilling season.

For now, it was a day dream, I am sitting in the balcony of my room, fully loaded with sweater, scarf and socks, holding a large mug of coffee in my hands and earpieces plugged in my ears, eyes closed and dreaming of that fatehsagar scene.

Here I am. I am welcoming winters in my balcony, in my own way.


Usually not so wintry Udaipur, this time observing a much drop of temperature, a sudden thrush of cold breeze.

Winters….the cold season of the year, with icy shivering breeze and early morning dews. This is the most beautiful time, from November to February, when one can observe and silently feel the charming beauty which nature has given to us; it’s beautiful from one morning till next morning. For early morning we are provided by fog and mist, then mild warm rising sun which gives golden shade to the fallen drops of dew on the green flora.

It is the mausam to enjoy Gajar ka Halwa, Bajre ki Raab, Garma Garam Pakode, and various types of soups from our mother’s kitchen, the time to wander out on the streets to add the taste of Rewadi n Gud (Jaggery) Mungfali Chakki to our tongue, studying hard for our exams in the blankets, and to rejoice the perfect silent mode of nature. To add up, nature has given us a different swing of taste, grapes and oranges are the winter fruits.

But unfortunately, on the other hand of this seasonal celebration, there are many people for whom this biting cold brings  suffering; they are not the part of our enjoyment, they don’t have proper clothes to wear, no food and no shelter. This is an unfair part of our society that they are suffering and we are celebrating.

So udaipurities, prove your humanity, donate your old wears and some food to the needy people, so as to compensate their suffering to a little extent.

And in this way, with the new resolution in our life, we will be cherishing this cold season in a much better way.



Wishing you all a very happy and healthy winters.