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Beautiful picture story from Lake Palace Udaipur by ShaadiGraPher

My name is Amrit. I am a candid wedding photographer who shoots and travel all over India. I am here to share a picture story for from a couple-shoot that I did for Akshata & Akash in Lake Palace Udaipur. Aakash was in US when he first contacted me. I was absolutely delighted to hear that the shoot would be in the Lake Palace. I had been to Udaipur and had the seen the iconic hotel from outside. But had not been inside. So this sounded like a a great opportunity to not only visit the wonderful property but also get to take pictures.

After few weeks since Aakash first contacted me, I finally met him. In the Lake Palace hotel. I had met Akshata before – in a wedding that I had shot in Chennai. I still remember how she came to me during that Chennai shoot and said ‘hi, I am Akshata’. And I asked her if I knew her. And then she told that she was the same Akshata who had booked me to shoot her during her honeymoon, once she gets married to Aakash. And I was like ‘oh, so you are that Akshata’. And finally, I was there. With them, during their honeymoon. In a wonderful place. In the middle of a beautiful lake.

We spent around four hours together and shot in every nook and corner of the Lake Palace. They were pretty much in love with each other and the wonderful chemistry brought magic to a lot of pictures. I would let the pictures speak for themselves now. Hope you like some of them!

Udaipur1 shaadigrapher

wedding in udaipur shaadigrapher

udaipur shaadigrapher

udaipur wedding shaadigrapher

udaipur 2 shaadigrapher

wedding in udaipur shaadigrapher
wedding udaipur udaipur wedding shaadigrapher

udaipur wedding

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