A Dream Come Reality – Wagon of Dreamzz

A new Hindi Rock Band “Wagon of Dreamzz” from Ajmer rocked in Udaipur a few weeks ago in Singhania University’s annual fest Panache’ 2013. An event was organized, which was the part of the annual fest and that was Woodstock. It was a war of bands in which various rock bands from different parts of Rajasthan participated and wrestled to bag the title of Woodstock. WoD succeeded to grab it as they claimed the first position.

It was their first performance at Udaipur. Their performance amazed the students of Udaipur and the band members were got amazed towards the beauty of Udaipur. They praised this marvelous city and its people. The scenic panorama, the historic realm, adventurous milieu is something that makes Udaipur very special. Speaking to our correspondent the band members assured that they would love to come again to perform for the people of Udaipur.

wagon of dreamzz

Speaking about their band they said that the band was formed in year 2011 with three guys Priyank, Anshul and Ujjawal. Later Utsav also joined the team to support vocals followed by the lead guitarist Dev. Dev also owns his own home sound studio at Ajmer.

WoD did not emphasized sticking to specific genre and they started their session for free style performance. They showcased their first performance at VIT Jaipur followed by BMIT and after that there was no looking back. They gave several performances at their home town Ajmer and also composed their own music and songs for performing into various shows. Now the band has started giving priority to Hindi Rock version. They have performed for FM stations, local TV channels and represented Western Railway Majdoor Union’s annual award ceremony.

They mark it as an end of a spell when the band was split. Dev finished his music production course and composed a track at his home sound studio. The lyric of the same were written by Priyank. They almost waited for one year to perform their own composition. With the joining of Ujjawal; the team planned for the reunion and this is how WoD rejuvenated. After their reunion they performed at SPSU Udaipur and won the title of Woodstock. WoD is now planning to release a full EP and they have titled it as “Safar” which depicts their journey and experience twisted around their band Wagon of Dreamzz.

wagon of dreamz 2

There is lot to be seen and experience by Wagon of Dreamzz. The entire team of WoD is working very hard to keep their entire fleet of wagons keep running at full pace. The typical thing about the band is unlike others they are not just repeating the songs. They are working on their own music which makes them special.