Why Covid appropriate behaviour is so important?

What we are facing right now is a national emergency. Covid is real and right here. And no, it’s not just a fever!! It is extremely important to understand the gravity of the situation because the only way to break the chain of transmission as of now is by staying indoors.

Doctors have been repeatedly emphasising on the practice of covid appropriate behaviour. You have been told things that all of you know by now- “Do not step outside unless absolutely necessary. If at all you need to go out, please wear double masks at all times, fully covering your nose and mouth. Sanitize and wash your hands regularly and do not touch your eyes or nose with your hands.”
Let me tell you why it is important-
The Sars-Cov-2 virus is doing exactly what it is supposed to i.e. evolution based on Darwinian law of survival. Covid appropriate behaviour (like physical distancing, use of masks, washing hands) and neutralising antibodies to the viral spike protein derived from natural infection are antiviral in a way because they prevent the spread of disease. But when this antiviral response is ‘suboptimal’ (lack of covid appropriate behaviour) the virus becomes resistant to our natural immune response and produces mutations. And as the virus keeps on mutating, we might another wave of this.
So the key is to firstly break the chain of transmission by staying indoors and following covid appropriate behaviour. And secondly, controlling the spread by establishing vaccine-induced herd immunity.
Now that the vaccination is open for all, please get yourself vaccinated. Do not believe in all those myths related to the vaccine. Vaccines induce a polyclonal immune response triggering higher neutralising antibodies than the natural infection thus strengthening our antiviral response and suppressing emerging variants.
Please understand that the healthcare system is already overburdened and if people keep on getting infected, it will eventually collapse. In many places, we are already on shortage of resources, but if do your part by staying at home, masking up when out and getting vaccinated we can fight this together.
This article has been contributed by Dr. Aditi Modi.
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