Valentines: A day of Love or a Week of Business?

Valentine Business

Valentines – A day of virtual love and real presents is just a few hours away from us. I am pretty sure that all the beautiful ladies are too much excited to know how much their soul mates love them and also the awaiting poor lovers to make their girls realize that she can’t get a better one than them 😀

Saint Valentines Day ‘14th February’, now shortened to Valentines Day is traditionally a day honouring one early Martyr named Saint Valentine who had performed a miracle by healing the blind daughter of his jailer with his sentimental love (as it is said in the stories). His love is highly remarkable and preciously priceless. So all the Romeos who take him as an Idol, I would just make you aware that today even a single rose stick, which comes at 10-20 Rupees is priced at 50 Rupees during the week. Afterall, few believe that “love can’t be measured in money”, or even some talk about “if he loves me, he will surely buy that for me

Hum jite ek baar hai, ek baar marte hai, shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai AUR pyaar ek hi baar hota hai” is the scene which is being played on almost every channel for this romantic festival. This famous dialouge of Shahrukh Khan from his most famous movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ provoke lovers to show their intense love in one go :D. To mention, that one go is the whole week starting from 7th February each year 😉

If love is true, every day is a celebration. You don’t need a specific day to say ‘I Love You’ to your aficionado, not a specific day to buy a rose or a teddy bear costing thousands to let your sweetheart know your hundreds of feelings.

After observing all in love couples and profitable business days, our so dear marketing experts aka ‘connectors of love’ i-e The Network Providers add the SMS charges to the expense list of all the lovebirds. As everyone believes, more exchanging of texts, more is the love flowing between the two hearts. ‘Love is mad and Valentines is high time to show your madness’ was the most cunning statement made by the owner of a gift shop to a teenage lover, just to increase the sales. But the teenagers are now a days moving on a sentimental, though wrong path, where they don’t even mind to carve out their love’s names on their hands using blades or any other weapon. I am confident enough that he won’t do the same on Mother’s Day.

Conclusion just says that a costly bouquet, an expensive 200 Rupees greeting card, a lavish dinner, gifts including chocolates, roses, teddy bears, and pouring in huge volumes of money doesn’t prove how much a person loves you. However, it does feel special but fades up after a little span of time. One can make each day special as Valentines by doing little things for each other- the surprise meets, cooking, writing letters expressing what makes them love their partner. By this post, I am not against purchasing any gifts or spending any money for your beloved, but it is always the love behind the present that makes it valuable, and not the price tag of the present.

May you have a great day ahead and may all the commitments be a success. Happy Valentines Day to all.


Article By: Geetanjali Khatri

Photo Credit: Flickr/by xoheathermariie