Collector orders to change the school timing in Udaipur

As the cold wave intensifies in the state, dropping the temperature further, the District Administration has instructed all the private and government school to begin their classes only after 9 AM. According to the notice, the schools will have to follow the guidelines till December 24

School Timing Change

Schools and parents, both have welcomed the decision, since the new timing will give some relaxation from the early morning chill.

On Tuesday, the minimum temperature recorded in Udaipur was 7 degree Celcius while shivering cold wave continued throughout the day. According to the Meteorological Department, the temperature will remain low in the coming days.


City drenched in winter fog with significant drop in the temperature

Udaipur has started enjoying the onset of chill!!

The city is witnessing fog these days bringing the feel of winters and making it look all the more beautiful. The cold waves have started hitting the city with the fall in the temperature by almost 4 degrees.

The drop in the temperature is caused due to the active northerly winds. The fog has also affected the visibility which was recorded as 500 meters. This has impacted the air traffic and has delayed several flights flying to Udaipur.

Indigo flight which was travelling from Delhi to Udaipur was diverted to Ahmedabad due to dense fog and visibility issue. Similarly, a couple of more flights flying from Delhi and Jaipur were also delayed by 2 – 4 hours.

However, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) claims that the winters this year would be warmer than usual except for the northernmost part which will be core cold wave zone. And states including Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha and Telangana fall under the cold wave zone.


Winter knocking!! Mercury starts to drops in Udaipur

Winter is knocking the city! It’s time to get your warmers out now!!!

A significant drop in the temperature has been noticed in the city and Udaipurites are feeling the winter effect. There has been a continuous dip in the minimum temperature and Wednesday, a drop of 2.5 degrees was noticed with a minimum temperature recorded at 15.2-degrees Celcius.

This climate change is experienced due to the active northernly winds and upper air cyclonic circulation. With the change in the wind direction, the humidity level has come down and the temperature is falling gradually.

The maximum temperature recorded on Wednesday at Dabok was 30.4 degrees. The city might experience some intermittent rain shower in the coming days. Some fluctuations in the temperature may be expected for around a week from now.


Happy Samvatsari – End of Paryushan for Shvetambar Jains – Micchami Dukkadam

Samvatsari - Paryushan

There are many Festivals celebrated in the Month of  in the auspicious month ‘Bhadrapad’ (Mid of August to Mid of September). And One of the Most Prominent and Famous Festival of Jains of ‘Paryushan Parva‘ is also celebrated in this Auspicious Month. Paryushan means Lasting a long time or Coming together. It is the Time when Wandering Jain Monks take up temporary shelter for four months of Monsoon. (Chaturmas)

The resemblance of Paryushan Parva is The festival through which an attempt is made to put an end to all vices, passions and lustful desires in thought, speech and deeds.

During Paryushan, True Jains follow the following restrictions on diet.

1. Drink boiled water.
2. Eat before sunset.
3. Refrain from root vegetables like Onion, Garlic, and Potatoes.
4. Abstain the intake of fermented (soured) food.
5. Don’t take even the green vegetables.

All the above mentioned items are supposed to contain far more amount of lives (atmas) than the simple grains. Thus, by restricting oneself from intake of these items, a Human Being commits less sin and reaches closer to salvation, the sole purpose of Paryushan. 🙂

In the Shvetambar Sect it is an 8-day festival is celebrated which ends with Bhadrapada Shukla chaturthi. During these 8 days their is recitation of ‘Navkaar Mantra’ for all 24Hours. The last day of this festival is called Samvatsari, short for Samvatsari Pratikramana(Samayi).

After the Pratikramana all the Jain Seek forgiveness from all the creatures of the world whom they may have harmed knowingly or unknowingly and By Bidding each other Micchami Dukkadam.

It is a Jolly Time and People Visit their Relatives and Friends Bid Micchami Dukkadam and Have Exchange of Sweets (Most preferred Part of Each Indian Festival) 🙂

UdaipurBlog Team Wishes You all a Happy Samvatsari and Micchami Dukkadam if we Knowingly of Unknowingly Said or Did Something Wrong. Have A Great Sunday. 😀

Thanks Shanta Devi Chohan for Details about the Day 🙂 and Greetings From Sarva Dharma Maitri Sangh

Micchami Dukkadam