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Your City Blog now Gives you a chance to write in and about your City on Your UdaipurBlog. To do this you don’t have to be a Professional Writer, a Journalist or  anything. Their is no boundation for you to write on your Blog. You Could be A Student or a Senior Citizen , Doctor or a Teacher. Nothing Matters!! All That Matter is that you just have to spare free time to write and Submit it to us. – “WE WILL EMPOWER YOUR WORDS

You Might be thinking what  Udaipur Speaks has Got for you. It Is our New Venture Specially Dedicated to YOU. You can Write About:

  • Problems In Your Locality
  • Issues
  • Incompetence of Administration
  • Need for something
  • Making any petition
  • Telling about your City
  • Promoting Your Event
  • Writing Reviews
  • Telling about your Social Activities
  • And What Else Goes in Your Mind… 🙂

Your problems and issues will be surely be given priority,  we will bring your issues in front of  not only  the fellow citizens but also in front of the authorities.

So What You Say ????

We will raise and promote your Views and Articles Online and Locally too. And Your Article will Be read By Our Blog Readers. Who Might Help and Support You.  WE WILL BE YOUR VOICE

It Would also be a Great chance for you to get Fame and Recognition among so many readers.

You will not be just a Guest writer here on our Blog but instead YOU are in Our Family Of UdaipurBlog to express your Views with your Name.

Not only this you are kindheartedly welcomed to share and contribute  Photos, Videos  and We will display them here with your Name :).

Its Your City Blog and you have full right over your it, to Elate and Promote It As It Represents OUR Beautiful City of Lakes – ‘Udaipur’. You need not require to bother for anyone to write about it on Internet.  🙂

So Come Forward and Be a Part of It.

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From The Admin :

* Feel free to comment, share, express your views.

*We cordially invite people who are ready to offer suggestions and solutions to the problems of the people.



Udaipur Speaks is a dedicated zone by the people of Udaipur and for the People of Udaipur to share various issues, views and discuss about problems related to Udaipur. Here people can join in and bring a positive change in the City. The views discussed over here are for the betterment of the city and to bring about a positive change in our Society.

All the Content written in this category has no legal binding with we are just a medium for the people to share the content and we are not responsible for the content provided or shared by the people. We do not take any Responsibility/Claims over any discussions, issues and problems discussed in this cateogory. All the views over here are personal thoughts of the writer/speaker/commentor.

In case you find the content violating or harming the reputation of your Organisation/Website/Service/Institution you are free to present your own counter views/judgement/Feedback on the same. You may contact us and provide us with the proof of your Actions that discards the facts written in the content. UdaipurBlog holds all the rights to Present/Edit/Update all the Content/Textual/Visual/Audio in any form at any time.