Bigg Boss 11 famed Sapna Choudhary in Udaipur’s Wedding!

RJ Piyush Meghwal of KP Events on 9th March 2018 brought the Bigg Boss 11 famed and popular Haryanvi singer Sapna Choudhary to Udaipur in a grand wedding. This is the first time ever that Sapna Choudhary made her presence in a wedding. It is her debut public appearance in the City of Lakes, Udaipur.Bigg Boss 11 famed Sapna Choudhary in Udaipur’s Wedding!

Hosted by RJ Himanshu, the couple Jignesh and Bhavika insisted on having the celebrity at their wedding extravaganza. RJ Piyush Meghwal did an experiment that went successful and Sapna Choudhary agreed to fly over to the City of Lakes.

Other artists who performed at the wedding apart from Sapna Choudhary are Ranjit Randhawa and OCP Bhangra Troupe who specialize in providing Bhangra Dance groups. Sapna’s huge fanbase was delighted at the wedding to know that the celebrity is visiting.

This is the first time in Udaipur that a Bigg Boss Contestant is making an appearance at a wedding.

Udaipur has witnessed star-studded wedding several times in the history. The city has become a hub and sought-after venue for destination weddings and celebrity weddings as it is lined with beautiful luxe hotels which serve as a perfect place to tie the holy knots.

The Event was planned and managed by KP Events & Entertainment (Piyush Meghwal). KP Events & Entertainment is an Udaipur-based company concentrating on tailored wedding experiences. Its specialty is destination weddings with personalized and themed finery and details.Bigg Boss 11 famed Sapna Choudhary in Udaipur’s Wedding!

Sapna danced on “Chand Mera- Ghunghat Ki Oth”, a latest New Haryanvi Song of the year 2018. Her latest songs are ‘Tu Chiz Lajawab’, ‘Teri Ankhiya Ka Yo Kaajal’, ‘Bandook Maregi’, ‘Mai Teri Nachai Nachu’ and ‘English Medium’.Bigg Boss 11 famed Sapna Choudhary in Udaipur’s Wedding!

She also shook legs with the family members of the bride and groom. Have a look at the dance Sapna performed at the wedding:

Earlier Sapna Choudhary has appeared in weddings in Gujarat’s Surat. But this was the first time in Udaipur where she appeared in public to dance with the family of the newlywed.