Udaipur will get 200 lakh liters more water per day from the new Jaisamand-Udaipur pipeline

The state government gave its approval to change the 55 km long pipeline coming from Jaisamand to Udaipur. It will take 3 years to construct this pipeline costing 215 crores.

Doubling the capacity of the 55 km long line, which has been supplying drinking water from Jaisamand Lake to the city of Udaipur for 25 years, will provide 20 MLD or 200 lakh litres of additional water per day from Jaisamand.

Currently, 21 MLD water per day is being supplied from the biggest man-made lake in the city.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s 215 crores project was approved in the recent budget session.

The Water Supply Department has started working on the project. The project is expected to be completed by October 2023. The tender process will begin as soon as the final Detailed Project Report (DPR) gets approved.

The pipeline that has been supplying water from the Jaisamand Lake since 1995 has 450 to 600 mm in diameter. The new pipeline will be built in 600 to 900 mm in diameter.

An intake well will also be built on the lake. Besides, the old pump houses will be renovated and new pumps will be installed. A new filter plant of 20 MLD capacity will also be built in Udaipur along with tanks for water storage. The locations to build the tanks will be decided as per the requirement.

Jaisamand Lake has a capacity of 14650 Million Cubic Feet (MCFT) out of which 630 MCFT of water is reserved by the Water Supply Department for supplying drinking water in Udaipur city and Salumbar region.

Since the age-old pipeline is damaged in many places, the water from Jaisamand also does not reach the city in sufficient quantity. Because of this, the city experienced huge water crises last year, pushing the department to provide water supply to the city once in 72 hours.