Udaipur Speaks

Trespassing/Atikraman Problem

In the Venice of east the thing which hurts people is the mess on the roads.  The extended shops on the roads add up to the problems of already existing huge traffic. The condition becomes worse when we land in the core city. This mess is basically due to improper parking of vehicles and due to the extension of the shops by keeping the stock across the limit by the shopkeepers. The common areas having this problem are Dhanmandi at Delhi gate, Ashvini market at Hathipole, Bapu bazaar, and Surajpole.

Municipality is working out to solve this problem by removing the muddle but the condition becomes the same after 2-3 days. The leader of municipality Ms. Rajni Dangi took a round to the interior city to know the condition. She declared it a serious problem and warned the traders not to keep their stock across the limit. She said that if they are found doing so severe action would be taken against them. This problem is massive in the areas like dhanmandi, Maldas Street. Traders in the internal areas keep their stock in such a way that people find it very difficult to drive which increases traffic jams.

Yet the traders continue doing the similar. Cooperation of the traders and the common people is must to work out this problem. Resolving this trouble will be big development of the city traffic control and increase the beauty of our place. Its our humble request to people that they park their vehicles inside the boundary line and to the traders that they keep their stock within the limit this will help in development of our city and will make our place a better place.