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Places To Visit In Udaipur During Monsoon Season

The days left to begin enjoying the soothing monsoon season of Udaipur have ended. And we have planned to make it easier for you to decide where to land as soon as the clouds begin to shower in Udaipur. Although the locals of Udaipur are familiar with most of the places listed below, tourists will find that ‘The Trip to Udaipur’ becomes ‘The Ultimate Trip to Udaipur’ if they include these places in their itinerary during this monsoon season. We have curated a list of places in and around Udaipur, that you can visit during the monsoon season.

Places to Visit In Udaipur 

1.) The Sajjangarh or The Monsoon Palace


sajjangarh monsoon palace udaipur
Credits: UdaipurTourism

This is a wonderful monsoon place in Udaipur, as the name implies. It is best seen during June, July, and August, and was once known as Sajjan Garh Palace. It is a new public attraction that was once owned by the Mewar family and was recently given to the government. It has a view over the city of Udaipur and its lakes, brimming with water and vegetation during the monsoon season.

The only objective of Maharana Sajjan Singh’s construction of the Monsoon Palace, also known as Sajjangarh, was to stare at the monsoon clouds up close and enjoy the magnificent aerial view of the city from 3100 feet above sea level, as the name says.

Note: Due to Forest Department orders, the Monsoon Palace is only open till 7:00 PM for security reasons.

2.) Panna Boat Museum


pannadhay boat cafe
Credits: Indra Niwas

It is a ship-shaped museum located on the Govardhan Sagar Lake, which is situated on the outskirts of Udaipur but is well-maintained and gets a lot of attention from both residents and visitors. It was inaugurated in 2014 by our Former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje. The Panna Boat Museum is dedicated to the great Panna Dai and the sacrifices she made for Mewar; here, you may learn a lot about Panna Dai, as well as hang out in the beautifully constructed ship-shaped museum and enjoy the weather beside the picturesque lake.

3.) Neemach Mata Temple


neemuch mata temple
Credits: Udaipurian

We should express our gratitude for the modest and simple things in life, such as the smell of rain, the flavour of your favourite cuisine, or the tone of a loved one’s voice. And what better time to do it than in the magnificently located NEEMUCH MATA temple in Udaipur, where showers of blessings are raining all around you with a tinge of holiness enveloping you. This memorial honours Neemuch Mata Devi. There’s also a statue of Lord Ganesha, a Hindu God, and three granite lions facing west. The temple is situated on top of a grassy hill in Udaipur and offers a breathtaking aerial view of the city of lakes, Udaipur.

This temple and the stone statue within it, are well-known for their connection to a Neem tree, therefore the name NEEMUCH. Due to the sacred essence of the tree, it is claimed that anyone who visits the temple on a regular basis would never have any skin issues. To go to Neemuch Mata temple, you will have to climb 850 meters and can only do it on foot. You can climb this mountain either by taking the steps off the alley or pathway. The entire route is covered in natural peak forest and thick greenery, which adds to the beauty.

4.) The Karni Mata Ropeway


karni mata ropeway
Credits: Vogue Traveller

Udaipur has not only provided the prettiest sites but has also excelled in terms of offering scenic locations that are as wonderful as paradise during the monsoon and are completely free to visit. The KARNI MATA ROPEWAY in Udaipur is one of these destinations. It swings you across the lush green valley of Udaipur as you enjoy the gorgeous panorama of the surrounding region in a glass-packed cabin. This Ropeway begins from the famous Doodh Talai Musical Fountain Park and swipes you through the lush green gorges overlooking the entire city of Udaipur before dropping you off at the Karni Mata Temple thereby leaving you mesmerized by the greenery of this amazing city. The best part is, that it is incredibly cost-efficient.

5.) Nehru Garden

The City of Lakes, Udaipur, is known for its charming gardens. These gardens are ideal for anyone seeking a relaxing sunny day out. One such piece of art is The Nehru Garden. The beautiful and one-of-a-kind Nehru Park sprawls across 41 acres in the heart of Fateh Sagar Lake, with a lily pond in the centre and a massive towering gigantic fountain. The garden’s most adorable feature is its water trail, which can be crossed by tiny walkable stepping stones.

Anyone who visits Fateh Sagar Lake cannot ignore the beauty of Nehru Park and takes a boat trip from Fateh Sagar to Nehru Park, which enhances the beauty of the lake as well as the city of Udaipur.

Places to Visit Around Udaipur

1.) Tidi Dam

Places To Visit In Udaipur During Monsoon Season- Tidi Dam

A massive 67-foot-high dam located 34 kilometres from the city centre is an exquisite spot to explore during monsoon season. Hindustan Zinc Ltd. built it in 1976, and it presently serves as Zawar Mines’ primary source of water. It has become one of the most popular and convenient picnic spots for the locals as well as the tourists. A perfect place to go especially during the monsoon season. It has unique natural scenery, where you may appreciate the beauty in its natural state. Although this place doesn’t have any natural waterfall, the water streaming from the dam creates an amazing illusion of an organic waterfall, and you may cherish this place with your friends and family.

2.) Ubeshwar Ji: 

Places To Visit In Udaipur During Monsoon Season- Ubeshwarji

Another paradise during the rainy season is Ubeshwar Ji. The Aravali mountain range surrounds Ubeshwar Ji, with water gushing and flowing across it. It is essential to visit this location during the rainy season. Here you will locate Lord Shiva’s temple, where you may relax and enjoy the scenery, making it an ideal picnic site. There is also a pond with little fish where you may relax and enjoy the scenery.

3.) Chandni Village 

It is a popular monsoon spot situated around 23 kilometres away from Udaipur. Do you recall learning how to sketch static scenery in elementary school? This is an identical twin of the fantasy environment we have been painting since our childhood, with various mountains on top and a water stream rushing through the mountainous terrain, alongside the village.

4.) Pipliya Ji

Places To Visit In Udaipur During Monsoon Season- Pipliya Ji

About 32 kilometres from Udaipur, one of the city’s best monsoon attractions is Pipliya Ji. The curving single road will take you to a spectacular area where you may appreciate nature’s tranquillity as it cuts through the lush green hills and streams. The route is wrapped in mist and clouds and appears to be floating in space; at times, it is so foggy that nothing can be seen beyond a few meters.

The view from the top of the mountain is spectacular. Pipliya Ji is one of the most visited spots in Udaipur, giving magnificent views amid breathtaking scenery. One might encounter a few villages nestled within its lush greenery, far from the rush and bustle of city life.

5.) The Badi Lake

The residents of Udaipur have already shown great respect and loyalty towards this site; now is the time to include it in the city’s local guides so that visitors may also visit this magnificent Lake, which is stretched across 155 square kilometres area and is located around 12 kilometres from Udaipur. This Lake was built between 1652 and 1680 by Maharaja Raj Singh. It is a famous picnic spot for the locals as well as tourists. The lake is also great for swimming, and there are several kiosks (shamiana) along the embankments where visitors may rest and relax.

Quick Tip: If you want to see the sunset from Badi Lake, go early in the morning and wait for the sun to rise over the picturesque lake. Also, if you have a local acquaintance, request that they take you on a hike around Badi Lake.


Places to Visit

7 Amazing Picnic Spots Near Udaipur

Udaipur is famous for its lakes, palaces, royal residences, natural beauty, and beautiful gardens. But, did you know that Udaipur has also an entourage of well-known and unseen waterfalls? Yes, you read that correctly! Udaipur has some magnificent waterfalls that are never left unattended by locals. Having said that, if you are planning a trip to Udaipur we highly recommend you to plan it during the rainy season if you want to spend a decent amount of time at any of the nearby waterfalls.

Visiting Udaipur in the monsoon season would unveil its distinct beauty, with flora in its purest form, waterfalls cascading downstream, adding a magnificent touch, and, on top of that, the weather adds romance and fun to the atmosphere. In this article we have enlisted a few waterfalls that you may see when in Udaipur.

Best picnic spots near Udaipur

1.) Tidi Dam


One of the most popular and convenient picnic spot for the locals and tourists is the Tidi Dam. A perfect place to go, especially during the monsoon season. It has a unique natural scenery, where you may appreciate the beauty in its natural state. Although there is no natural waterfall at this location, the water pouring from the dam creates the illusion of one, and you may enjoy the place with your friends and family.

Location: 36 Km away from Udaipur and takes almost an hour to reach here.

2.) Ubeshwar Ji


Another paradise during the rainy season is Ubeshwar ji. The Aravali mountain range surrounds Ubeshwar Ji, with water gushing and flowing across it. It is essential to visit this location during the rainy season. Here you will locate Lord Shiva’s temple, where you may relax and enjoy the scenery, making it an ideal picnic site. There is also a pond with little fish where you may relax and enjoy the scenery.

Location: Approx. 22 Km from Udaipur and takes around ½ hour to reach there.

3.) Nandeshwar Ji Temple and Dam


Although this is a holy place, it is also a popular picnic spot for residents and visitors from all over the world. Though there are not many waterfalls here, you can surely see water streaming from a neighboring temple after a few rain showers. You can also find a wishing well. You may spend your time admiring the natural splendor, and the running water makes it ideal for a monsoon picnic.

Location: Approx. 15 km away from Udaipur and takes less than ½ hour to reach here.

4.) Menal Waterfall

Menal Falls is a 150-foot natural waterfall in the Menal town. This is the ideal location for a picnic, as it is rich in natural wonders as well as 11th century building sites and temples. You may go bird watching and explore neighboring attractions while visiting Menal waterfall.

Location: Approx 195 km away from Udaipur and takes around 2.5 hours to reach here.

5.) Thoor Ki Paal


Locals and tourists who like being in the presence of nature frequently visit this place. Thoor ki Pal is a popular monsoon destination that is located in the Thoor village. It is an absolute treat to the eyes and the soul where you can find peace and serenity alongside the waterfall in this wonderfully beautiful and tranquil area. If you intend to visit this gorgeous site, we recommend that you dress comfortably, bring enough of food, and bring plenty of water because this spot is located in a local hamlet and there are no large eateries around.

Location: Approx. 11 km away from Udaipur and takes less than ½ hour to reach at this place.

6.) Kundeshwar Mahadev

Kundeshwar Mahadev is one of the oldest temples of Udaipur where Lord Shiva is worshipped. The deity Lord Shiva’s idol, as well as idols of the other gods placed in the temple, are centuries old. This temple is highly respected, and the worshippers have great belief in the gods worshipped here. It is a must-see location during the monsoon season to get the spectacular views of the waterfall.

Location: Approx. 7 km via airport road or Udaipur Chittorgarh Road.

7.) Bagheri Ka Naka

Bagheri ka Naka is yet another one of the most beautiful waterfalls located near Udaipur. It is an excellent location to visit during the monsoon season. It is a small dam situated in the Rajsamand district, 50 kilometres away from Udaipur. The area is a visual treat for photographers, with the picture-perfect background provided by the lush green Aravali hills. When it rains and the dam overflows and the area typically gets swamped by people. Moreover, it is positioned along the Udaipur-Kumbhalgarh Road, which is a charming location in itself, where you can see clouds caressing the mountains thereby making it an ideal location for a family vacation.

Location: Approx. 50 Km from Udaipur which takes more than an hour to reach this location.

This was a list of our favourite places. If you have some more suggestions, you can share them with us at