Things You Should Never Say To An Udaipurite

Take Notes People!

Explore the world as much as you want, you’ll never find a second Udaipur. The Venice of the east, the city of lakes, the white city, and the city with so many synonyms just has our heart. 

We Udaipurites are real crazy for this city and why shouldn’t we. Udaipur is complete tranquility within the closed streets of old city; escape amongst the busy city roads; home in the chaos. So, you can say anything to an Udaipurite, but not these things!

Where Is Udaipur?

Dude! if you say this in front of an Udaipurite, you are going down for a long discussion, buddy. If you don’t know where Udaipur is, you might need to restudy geography class. (PS: Udaipurite, so can’t stand this one!)

Credits – @being_photographerr

Some Other City Is Most Beautiful City

There might be a ‘most beautiful city’ alright but have you seen Udaipur? Have you visited? Man, you gotta, before you make that statement. Definitely, you might wanna change that phrase of yours. 

Credits – @yashchoudhary04

We Here Don’t Say Khamma Ghani

Every Rajasthani does not greet with khamma ghani, we here greet each other with Ram Ram Sa. So, next time when you meet us, you know what to say right?

Udaipur Must Be Hot & Dry

Nope; no; not at all. Your idea of Rajasthan might portray desserts and hot breezes but my friends, Udaipur is the Venice of the east & city of lakes for a reason. The place is surrounded by lush green Aravalis and is situated and neighbored by many lakes. So, no, we don’t live in desserts and it’s all cool in here (quite literally, this time of the year).


Are You A Marwadi?

Many have said this and I’ll say this again, we are not Marwadi, we are Mewadi. Proud ones though!

Hamji gyo? Now be aware and never offend an Udaipurite with these at least.

Being an Udaipurite if you feel like adding on to the list, so be our guest and let us acknowledge the world more about things you should not say to an Udaipurite. Share your points with us! And to have a visual experience click here.