Maestro-an Acting Workshop in Udaipur from 20th June

Theatre is regarded as the first step to achieve a full-fledged and a successful acting career, the aspiring actors go in for theatre not only to improve but to enhance their acting skills. It teaches them to present live performances in order to depict the experience of a real or imagined event in presence of a live audience.

The skill of theatre acting is this time being imparted by a workshop called THE MAESTRO to be organized in our Lakecity by Nadbramha to impart the more comprehensive art-process of communicating and interpreting meanings through theatre having their motto as “It’s not about name, fame, money or hobby classes but its all about ACTING” which itself describes what this workshop wishes to achieve. The workshop will be covering the following points so that our young artists can understand the art of theatre in a better way:

  • An introduction to what is acting all about?
  • Definition and origin of acting
  • Who is a actor and what are the tools of an actor in order to grasp the attention of the audience
  • Becoming a better actor through observation, imagination and relaxation
  • Teaching them about the importance of music in acting and also the backstage activities as well
  • How to have a diction and analysis of script
  • Improving their reading skills, body language and self confidence
  • Also includes the various folk styles, puppet making and manipulation
  • Effective use of costumes, properties and make-up
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The organisers will be providing highly qualified and experienced teaching faculties to their students for their best development and grooming as an actor. A brief introduction of the faculties for the aspiring students of the workshop to know them better goes like this:


Graduated from the National School of Drama, New Delhi; Mr. Pandya has conducted workshops of puppetry, song and street play workshops for school teachers, theatre workshops for children with disabilities. He has also worked in many films including the latest hit flick Vicky Donor, Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi, Dussehara and Jeet and Serials which includes Circus, India’s Most Wanted, Ehsaan, Kabhi aaye na Judaai and Kyunki Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai. He has also done voice over for Pahunchaaye Apki Awaz Ap Tak Aaj Tak, Aaj Tak Channel and have an experience of 7 years in All India Radio.


Mr. Sonwal is a Multi-dimensional and versatile personality who has worked with various legendary directors including Mr. Qayyum Ali Bohra, Mr. Rizwan Zaheer Usman and Mr. Deepak Dixit, etc. From past 5 years has directed 12 plays and all were successful and appreciated. His other productions are Dard Ek shahar Ka, Court Martial, Ajanmi Duniya, Savdhan! Hum Aatmahatya Karte hai…., Hawaalat, Rahogi Tum Vahi…!, Roti ka Jaal, Bechari Aatma and Mughlon ne saltanat baksh di.


He has been trained under India’s Best Theatre Directors Mr. Bhanu Bharti, Mr. Vagish kumar, Miss Rita Ganguly, Mr. Subba Rao and Mr. Ashok Bantiya and has got trained on make-up, lights, backstage, costumes and property.


He has directed many plays namely Tenali Ram, Fatichaar Joote, Kaya Kalp, Andher Nagari, Mahaveer ang Gaj Moti and has conducted many theatre workshops for The Study School, Kendruya Vidhyalaya, ALok School, Central Academy and Sangeet Natak Academy (Rajasthan) and has also acted in 6 films and 5 TV. Serials .


The Chanakya and Khalnayak fame Mr. Moutho will be accompanying the other faculties as a guest faculty at the workshop.

The event is designed and coordinated by The Managers, and supported by Karmashram and Ashraya. The workshop will be conducted at Pacific Campus, Chitrakut Nagar which will be starting on 20th June to 30th June, 2012; forms of the same to be submitted by 19th June. Age Limit of the Would-be actors is 14 years and above. So, all the young and talented Udaipies buckle up and get ready to start your journey of becoming a STAR.

For any sort of inquiry or procuring forms for the workshop, you can contact the following:

  • Karmashram, 1-kha-26, “Ratandeep”, opp. Digambar Jain Temple. H.M. Sec 4, Udaipur
  • The Managers, 597, Bhupalpura Math, St. Pauls School road, Udaipur
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The Dialysis – to Purify the Things

Since aeons, theatre has always been a strong medium of entertaining people while confronting them with reality. And reality can sometimes leave you amidst a cyclone of thoughts. One such burning truth was raised in the play “Court Martial” which was beautifully written by Swadesh Deepak and executed by a team of young and talented artists under the able direction of Shivraj Sonwal. Occasion was of World Theatre Day and the stage was of Sukhadia Rangmanch at Town Hall. With a very noble cause of ailing a very senior theatre artist Mr. Rizwan Zahir Usman, who is suffering from a severe kidney disease, this play was dedicated to him who had been a source of inspiration for many.

 Mr. Rizwan Zahir Usman_Court Martial_Udaipur_theatre

The play takes you to an army court where a case has been presented for trial. Accused is Jawan Ramchandar who has been accused of killing one officer and grievously hurting the other. The court is presided by Colonel Sooraj Singh, a brave army personnel who has confronted death many a times in battle field. The trial at the court puts him in a confusing situation where he has to decide between moral judgment and legal judgment. At the end, despite of getting death sentence, the accused wins over the victim.

 Mr. Rizwan Zahir Usman_Court Martial_Udaipur_theatre

 Mr. Rizwan Zahir Usman_Court Martial_Udaipur_theatre

 Mr. Rizwan Zahir Usman_Court Martial_Udaipur_theatre

 Mr. Rizwan Zahir Usman_Court Martial_Udaipur_theatre

 Mr. Rizwan Zahir Usman_Court Martial_Udaipur_theatre

 Mr. Rizwan Zahir Usman_Court Martial_Udaipur_theatre

 Mr. Rizwan Zahir Usman_Court Martial_Udaipur_theatre

 Mr. Rizwan Zahir Usman_Court Martial_Udaipur_theatre

 Mr. Rizwan Zahir Usman_Court Martial_Udaipur_theatre

 Mr. Rizwan Zahir Usman_Court Martial_Udaipur_theatre

The play forces us to put a question on the society in which we live; a society that proudly tags itself as ‘modern’. But a bitter truth is that some narrow-minded people form a part of it or rather I should say the most respected part of this society. These so-called ‘High Class People’ forcefully take away the pride and esteem of people merely on the basis of caste. Yes, crimes were committed, are committed and will continue to be committed by them against low caste people and against the whole society and humanity when tried at a larger scale. And the ‘point to be noted’ is that this prevails even in The Indian Army which does not hold any system of reservation at any of its ranks and positions. Sounds shocking but true!!

Photos by : Yash Sharma


Experiments and Explorations: A Workshop on Theatre

Experiments and Explorations” was a 5 day theatre workshop at Shikshantar with one guiding theme: “The audience”. We explored different means of audience participation, and discussed the many ways in which the theatre can interact with its public. The workshop consisted of exercises, games and creation techniques- looking at the links between theatre with the visual arts, music, dance and street performances. The objective was not only to explore the art form of the theatre, but to try and understand how it might be able to play a part in social and political commentary.

The workshop resulted in a small performance on the street outside Shikshantar. Working with the theme of “Nature”, the participants reflected on the changes that are taking place in our environment – the causes, the effects and the possible solutions.

Theatre Workshop (1)Theatre Workshop (2)

Theatre Workshop (3)Theatre Workshop (4)

By UdaipurBlog Guest Author – Nandita Dinesh



About the Author

Nandita DineshNandita Dinesh is from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and has an M.A. in Performance Studies from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. A recipient of the Watson Fellowship, Nandita pursued a project entitled “All the world is a stage: Using theatre to address conflict”; and as such, traveled to Guatemala, Northern Ireland and Rwanda understanding the role that theatre played during/ after the conflict in question. She has coordinated community theatre related efforts in India, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Northern Ireland, the United States, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico.