Swaraag An Indo Western Fusion Band | Capturing Hearts with Their Soulful Music

We can’t forget the way we swayed on the music and the rustic voice of the band Swaraag in the ULF 2017. And why not! The band is just too awesome and lively that it captures the heart of the music lovers.  Rajasthani Folk Fusion with Vocal, Sufi Fusion, Indo Western Instrumental Fusion are some of the genres that the band is brilliant in.

How many of you were blown away by their ‘Mere rashk-e-Qamar’ song performance?

I am sure we all were overwhelmed by their performance and could feel the energy they filled in the atmosphere. Swaraag established themselves in 2014 and since then, they have ruled the hearts of many!

If you are curious about who all the band members are, we are introducing each one of them to you. Have a read;

Team Swaraag

Arif Khan | Zitar Maestro of Swaraag

Arif is a great sitar player and has spread his compositions not only in various parts of India but also has traveled extensively in many cities of Germany, France, Gulf, and Austria.

Asif Khan | The Voice of Swaraag

Swaraag Performing at a private event

Sufi and Indian folk lead singer and composer of the band Swaraag, he began his singing career at the age of just six with the blessings of his father. Ustad Mahmood Khan, his father, always acknowledged the importance of music in his life and groomed Asif in the classical music.

Members | Who make the vocals amalgamate with music

Other than these two, Sajid Khan plays impeccable Drums and Shahid Hussain is the Tabla Player for the band Swaraag. Tasruf Ali plays mind-blowing Saxophone and Arif also plays Khartal. Last but not the least, Rishabh takes care of the Guitar.

What makes Swaraag different?

With Superstar Ram Charan at its family event

Swaraag is a Folk-rock & Sufi Fusion Band.  Swaraag’s Music Team is specialized in Indo Western fusion music and has an immense experience of performing for corporate events, Private parties, Public concerts and many more that makes them a multifaceted music band. The backbone behind the huge success of Band is their Founder and Manager Mr. Pratap Singh Nirwan. He is the one who is the actual creator of a complete team and the reason behind the existence of Swaraag. The Manager, Mr. Giriraj Purohit says that its the team management that makes a band go miles in the path of success.

The Band Swaraag makes the crowd groove over their music!! Swaraag aims at keeping the vernacular music alive through their composition. They even recreate the magic of folk music in current Bollywood songs as well. Swaraag has a passion for singing not only Rajasthani Folk music but also various folk music from states that appeal to different musical tastes.

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