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  • Pizza Hut & KFC opened in Lakecity Mall, Udaipur

    Pizza Hut & KFC opened in Lakecity Mall, Udaipur

    Udaipur – All set for PIZZA HUT & KFC?? “Udaipur is known as the Venice of the east”. This line reckons the enterprises to get attracted towards the beauty of the Udaipur city. The much awaited mall located in the hearts of the city after the heritage mall of the Udaipur is all set. Everybody’s […]

  • SUBWAY Restaurant in Udaipur

    SUBWAY Restaurant in Udaipur

    The heart of every reader must be popping with the feeling of excitation after reading the heading of this article. Day by day our developing Udaipur city is getting advanced by wondrous facilities which has become an attractor for numerous tourists. None other than the first fabulous mall in Udaipur which offered world class shopping […]