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A Lively Ride for Foodies – Udaipur Food Drive 2

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” And, why not as no one can stay away from different cuisines right! Well, on a delicious and joyous note initiative by UdaipurBlog team with the support and efforts of lovely food enthusiasts, Udaipur Food Drive 2 got to a triumphant end in the beautiful winter evening.

Started at 3:00 P.M. and joyful drive got to its end at 7:00 P.M., on Sunday 15th January, Udaipur Food Drive 2 left so many fabulous memories for all the connoisseurs who came together to enjoy the retreats at selected junctions of Lake City.


Get, Set, Go – First Location

Skive Lounge - Udaipur Food Drive 2

Our first destination of Udaipur Food Drive 2 was Skive Lounge at Gulab Bagh Road, which was a contemporary and exciting place for all the food lovers. And, within no time the creative place got packed with 60 food enthusiasts present at the Food Drive. Every foodie started with their introduction and ended the flow of their love for food. At Skive Lounge, every participant was served with 3 Starters that included Veg Crispy, Burritos, and Lasagne. And, so far, our foodie members exclaimed about all the dishes that were amusing not only in presentation but also in taste.


Head to the Next – Second Location

Oladar Village Cafe - Udaipur Food Drive 2

Moving to the next area, we came up at Oladar Village Café at city palace road, which is inspired out of the village residing in Kumbhalgarh. A concept and ambience of Oladar Village Cafe were exceptional for all the foodies present at the drive. And, they welcomed every food lover with the soft drink. Then, all were served with 3 starters that included Three Cheese Sandwich, Countryside Pizza, and Pesto Pasta. Apart from all, the best part was foodies’ interaction with the manager and their inspiration for Oladar set-up that actually enchanted all the connoisseurs more towards the place.


All’s well when Ends well – Last Location

Bluemoon Kinaraz - Udaipur Food Drive 2

Finally, a venue with its picturesque view of the rooftop and captivating arena, Udaipur Food Drive 2 ended at Bluemoon Kinaraz in the old city. Over there, foodies got servings of 3 starters out of which one was Dahi Kebab, Crispy Corn, and Paneer Stick. At the last junction, on a happier note, foodies enjoyed the retreats along with a welcome drink served to them.

And, excitement even got boost up when the lanterns were lightened up in the chilling winds of the winter evening.

In the end, entire UB Team is thankful to all the active participants of Udaipur Food Drive 2 who came up to add spark to the event with their craziness and fun gesture.

We are also thankful to the owners of all the 3 destinations who won the hearts of food lovers i.e. Skive Lounge (Ashish Pariyani and Palash Mandot), Oladar Village Café (Nirbhay Singh Jhala), and Bluemoon Kinaraz (Prashant Mahatma). They served with great hospitality and immense pleasure to every foodie present during the Udaipur Food Drive 2.


And, yeah Udaipurites don’t worry! If you have missed it, we are sure to see you next time. Till then folks, Cheers to Love for Food!! ☺ Follow us on Instagram @UdaipurFoodie to keep yourself updated about such amazing Food Walks and Food Drives in Udaipur.


Photos by: Siddharth Nagar & Dimpy Chundawat