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The Silversmiths of Udaipur | Forgotten Artists of The City

A city is made up of the people that live in it. Udaipur is made up of artists! Be it the narrow alleys or the wide marketplaces, the City of Lakes is flooded with artisans in various fields that entice and awe-inspire travelers from all across the globe. Whether it is wooden toys or zinc furniture or handmade jewelry, everything here is indigenous and from the very roots of the city.

One such community of artists is the Silversmiths. Living in the tapered lanes of the Old City of Udaipur, you will find a number of small ‘Chabutra’ style shops that are business places to one of the most creative people I say. These are the Silversmiths.

I am a fan of silver jewelry, and just in the search for some customized silver ornaments I met this person some 4-5 years back and since then he is my fave!

A couple days back I decided to have a small interview (more of an impromptu chat, like I, always have with him). He mainly does repairing work and has stopped making ornaments. While, if insisted he makes ornaments. He also does piercings in nose, ears etc.

I believe that these people deserve the acknowledgment of their art. Their ways and techniques are old but that’s what the essence of their work is. He makes the smallest and tiniest pieces of silver jewelry by hand and each one is unique in its true sense.

I always get things customized for myself and he does that without losing his patience on me!! (*laughs*)

We asked him to make two nose pins that we could buy. Here, is a small video of him making the two nose pins and talking to us regarding his work. Let’s meet Mr. Yash Kumar Soni.


You can Contact them at:

Yash Kumar Soni: +91-9314937509

Bhupesh Soni: +91- 9887112889

Address: Laxmilaal and Sons (Kundan Art Works), Ganesh Ghati, Old City, Udaipur

Also, if you know any person or a community who indulges in some indigenous and ancient art of any kind, do write to me at
I would love to hear their story!