Special trains deployed to ferry stranded migrant workers

Following the central government’s initiative, the Indian Railway department has deployed special trains to transport migrant workers to their native lands.

The state government has directed the divisional railway authorities to run regular trains to send people from other states. On Tuesday, May 5, around 1200 workers were sent from Udaipur in the first of the Shramik Express train that was being run to transport workers from the city to their respective native places.

There are more such trains that have already begun to run from the other states as well. The first train from Udaipur left on Tuesday, May 5 to reach Muzaffarnagar via the Bandikui route.

Workers who wanted to go back to their native place had done the registration through the e-Mitra portal a few days back after the instructions were issued. The administration has set up teams which identify the workers in batches depending on the route and their native states.

Registered workers are intimated by the administration and arrangements are made to get them to the railway station.

Udaipur Administration is making preparations to send people from Bihar, UP, West Bengal and Jharkhand back to their home.