What would a Day at Shilpgram 2021 Look Like!


This piece of writing is an unabridged telling of the fair Shilpgram Udaipur 2021, from yours truly. The reader of this article will be privy to all the specifications we observed at the Shilpgram festival, Udaipur. From scrumptious food and thirst-quenching beverages to folk dances and their grandeur, Shilpgram was at its peak with culture as it always is. Folks from various parts of India were present with loads of charm from their native places.



Like every year the things sold were as appealing as ever, as reasonable as reason goes, and as cultured as India can offer. From colorful earthen pots to jute lanterns everything was emanating allure. A small list for your shopaholic self:

  •        Jute lanterns and colorful earthen hangings
  •        Doormats, coasters, and other supplements made out of Jute
  •        Hand-painted envelops and handmade diaries
  •        Hand-painted bedsheets, cushions, and other adorations
  •        Stoles, serapes, beanies, etc made out of different winter fabrics
  •        Dreamcatchers for your soulful sleep
  •        Handcrafted flower’s shop
  •        Rajasthani Jootiyas
  •        Diverse Jewellery (even owl-shaped jute ones)
  •        Shops loaded with winter wear
  •        Bubble Blowers (you know you love them)
  •        Both handcrafted and manufactured crockery
  •        Earthen pots and home utensils.



Art never ceases to amaze. At Shilpgram, so many local artists and artists from other cultures put up their talent on display. If you are an aesthete who loves art beyond measure, Shilpgram is where you’ll find peace. All the art that Shilpgram offers:

  •        Unique handmade artifacts that are exquisite
  •        Hand Painting
  •        Live Painting of you or anyone you desire
  •        Nail Painting
  •        Live Miniature Painting on the hand
  •        Several shops with ready Miniature art paintings
  •        Museum of Paintings from talented artists



If you are that person who relishes Shilpgram’s food and beverages, then like every year, they are as delicious as they can get. A few delicacies of Shilpgram in the list below:

  •        Kesar Doodh and Jalebi
  •        Kulfis in several flavors
  •        Chats and Channa Zor Garam
  •        Rice and Corn papad
  •        Three prominent food courts which plenty of cuisines
  •        Kulhad Chai and Coffee
  •        Chole Puri
  •        Sad to inform you that No cotton candy and No Sliced pineapple
  •        Hot and cold milk with and without malai



Musical bands were at various spots in Shilpgram. The sweet serenity of sarangi and the evergreen Kesariya Balam are deemed to make your day perfect. Gorgeous large instrument sculptures were installed for the panorama. No Mascots were seen on the day we went there but we hope they make it when you decide to visit. Although, no swings and Ferris wheels were installed camel and elephant rides were splendid. Do not forget to visit those huts that depict different regions of India as they are exquisite. 




A few formalities at the entry:

  • Entry ticket per person was from 15 to 55 rupees
  • No drones are allowed
  • Vaccination certificates (both the doses) will be checked at the entry
  • No entry without masks
  • Timings and Dates: The market goes on from 11am to 9pm, It is held from 21st to           31st December 2021

A day at Shilpgram is tiring yet happening as ever. It’s a fair that does it all, from culture to supporting artisans, artists, and art.


Here Is All You Need To Know About Shilpgram 2021

In English, the term ‘Shilpgram’ translates to the village of artisans. Shilpgram, in Udaipur, is spread over 70 acres of land on undulating terrain. It’s a huge market that takes place from 21st December to 31st December every year. The fair is ethnographic at its core. It’s ten days brimming with culture, music, art, handicrafts, Rajasthani food, clothes of a variety of materials, and many more exquisite activities for people to explore. As a resident of Udaipur, I can vouch that Udaipurites love and wait desperately for this particular fair all year round. 400 artists and 300 artisans will take part in Shilpgram this year. Diversity can be expected at its finest.

The entry ticket ranges from 15 to 55 rupees only, and it starts at 11 in the morning and goes on with all its glory till 9 in the evening. Tickets can also be booked online from Shilpgram’s website*. Artisans from all over India travel here to set up their shops and offer familiarity with their culture. Udaipurites love shopping earthen pots, hand-printed crockery, miniature art paintings, pashmina shawls for the famous Udaipur winters, jute handbags, exceptional oxidized jewelry, and plenty of other distinctive artistry. 

Tired yet enthusiastic shoppers quench their thirst and hunger, and get their energy stirred-up at different stalls to enjoy Sugarcane Juice, Chana Jor Garam, Popcorn, Sliced Pineapple, Sweet Corn, the whole lunch is cooked at certain stalls, and many varieties of sweets, Raabs, Chai and flavored Milk. Both tourists and locals eat at Shilpgram with great fondness. 

The night shows are worth the stay till 11 at night. Performers from different backgrounds take the stage to demonstrate the best quality of dance, music, and theatre. All ten days are filled with great cultural performances. Taking a day out for Shilpgram is worth skipping almost everything. From dawn to dusk there isn’t a pinch of boredom felt. All the shopping, in turn, helps the artisans get loads of art appreciation and helps them with business. This year, the cultural performances will happen in two rounds to adhere to the guidelines provided for Covid-19. On 21st December 2021, the Inauguration will take place on Muktakashi Rangmunch. After this, from 22nd to 30th December, the cultural program will be held in Darpan Sabhagaar in two rounds; 4 pm to 5 pm and 7 pm to 8 pm. Entry will be allowed on a first come first basis. In the afternoon, from 12 pm to 12:30 pm and 1 pm to 1:30 pm, performances will be held at Muktakashi Rangmunch. 

Shilpgram is a place to make plans with both friends and family. So brush up your bargaining skills, take out those eco-friendly bags and work up a good appetite for both art and food as the Fair of Shilpgram is starting from tomorrow. 

A few things to be kept in mind before making a plan for Shilpgram:

  1. Entry will be prohibited without a mask. 
  2. Do carry a sanitizer. 
  3. Certificates of both doses of vaccination will be asked at the entrance.
  4. Entry for the cultural shows will be given according to a first come first basis.

*Instructions to book tickets online

  • When you visit Shilpgram’s website, for booking the tickets, click on ‘Book now’, then select the date you wish to visit Shilpgram on. After that, you’ll need to fill in the required details and make the payment.