Delicious Winter Foods that are Must Eat

Warm clothes, cold and dark nights and foremost thing without which winters are incomplete…!! Delicious, pungent, and exotic food delights that indulge on your taste buds and runs directly towards your stomach to satisfy your hunger during this season. As we know, food is one of the prominent things that can revive not only to your tongue but mood too.

And, in that series, we have got some fulfilling delicacies that are must have in your munching list during this winter season. So, head onto your winter foods discovery in chilly environment of Udaipur and relish the season while trying different vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines.


Spicy and Appetizing Hunt (Winter Vegetables and Dishes)

winter dishes and vegetables

If you are fond of spicy, tangy, and delectable dishes, then in winters you should not miss the meals cooked of Green leafy veggies because they are healthy, tasty, and exclusively available during the season of November to January. Spinach (Palak), Fenugreek (Methi), Mustard (Sarson), and Green Garbanzos (Hara Chana) are some of the vegetarian sources that you can bind up with Corn (Makki), Cottage Cheese (Paneer), Carrots (Gajar), or Potatoes. Being rich with nutritional values and mouth-watering aroma, people, do prepare some of the dishes like Makki ki Roti and Sarson Ka Saag, Palak Paneer, Dum Aloo, Hara Chana ke Kebab, and much more. For something simple and assorted Parathas in various retreats like Methi, Palak, Aloo, Pyaaz, and Mooli one can have with yogurt or pickle during winters.

And, if you love Non-vegetarian, then Kudos!! Winters are a perfect season to enjoy the dishes made of egg, fish, meat, and chicken. As they not only keep you warm but are also the best source of Vitamin D and Proteins. So, you can just cook them in the form of Curry or can fry as well with some spices that complement well with the taste. And, can enjoy them with steamed rice or whole grain chapattis.

Zones: In Udaipur, you can enjoy all these things at Punjabi Dhabas, Small Restaurants, and at street stalls that you can witness in mainstream areas like Chetak, Udaipole, and Gulab Bagh.


Hot and Healthy (Beverages and Appetizers)

soups and appetizers

Moving on to the flavours of winters, Hot treats like Soup (Chicken, Sweet Corn, Tomato, etc.) or you can also go up with the Indian style drinks like Raab (Makki, Bajra, and Gur). Apart from this, every season does have the presence of Coffee and Tea in it. And, if it’s onto winters, no wonder tea (Black, Masala, Elaichi, Green, and Lemon) and coffee (Black, Espresso) are the best friends to entertain with Salted crackers (Mathri) or Fritters (Pakoras). For your little appetite, Hot Chocolate is also an option to have.

Throughout the winters, we are generally acknowledged to have good sort of stuff but on the other side being calorie conscious is also a fact that cannot be denied. So, to satisfy the small pangs of hunger, here you have the answer and wholesome bites too.

Zones: For hot delights, you can get all these at Chinese restaurants in Udaipur and over the food stalls located at Sukhadiya Circle and Town Hall.


Sweet Tempuras (Indian Desserts and Nuts)

winter indian desserts to eat

Desserts are the significant part that no one can miss during this season. And, in Indian household’s mothers and grannies often cook the various delicacies like Halwa (Gajar, Doodhi, Moong dal, Akhrot, etc.), Laddu (Gond, Motichur, Til, etc.) and Sheera (Badam, Khus-Khus, Sooji). Prepared with Lots of Nuts (Almonds, Cashews, Raisins, Pistachios, and Walnuts), Ghee, and love, they are never ending sweet temptations when it’s about winters. And, as according to elderly people they are healthy for your body and also known as “Sardi Ki Khurak” to keep you warm and full of energy. So, in winters without any worry of getting plump, you can easily have these foods in your breakfast with a glass of milk or tea to keep yourself energized all day long.

Zones: Surajpole, Durga Nursery, and of course homes are the best place where you can have these sweet and tempting Indian Desserts.


Fruity Loops (Seasonal Fruits)

winter fruits and vegetables

Go Fruitilicious!! As fruits, juices, and veggies are something that can go pretty well in daytime or at nights as well. Seasonal fruits like Kiwi, Orange, Carrot, Red Grapes, Pear, Passion fruit are some of the specialties that often arrive during this season. Having citrus oriented fruits like lemon, Indian Gooseberry (Amla) are preferred the most to intake in your diet during winters. Rich in carotene, anti-oxidants, Vitamin C and B3 all these mentioned fruits are best arrivals that you can opt to build your immunity, treat your skin and hair better during cold and chilly months. And, vegetables you can intake in form of salad or in any cuisine that you desire.

You can take them in the form of pickles, or can dry and make candies to utilize for later eatery purpose even after the season ends.

Zones: Well fruits and veggies you can buy from any local fruit shop or marts in Udaipur as per your convenience and freshness standards.

Enjoy the winters and keep rocking Udaipurites!! 🙂