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Mobile Number Portability: The Truth Behind

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: The following article happens to come from one of our regular readers, Mr. Ashwin Jain, who faced a serious problem regarding the above mentioned title, and got no response at all. The entire mishappening, I felt, must be shared with our other readers too, for the word that how alert are we and/or how much our complains are being entertained. UdaipurBlog does not take any responsibility for the contents of the post that follows, and are solely the author’s own words.

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I am a Reliance user from a long time. 3 months back I decided to port to other operator all thanks to MNP (Mobile Number Portability). When I posted a request for changing the operators (on 20 March), I received a call from Reliance customer care office, the customer care guys requested me to continue my subscription with them and said they will provide me reliance to reliance free for six months (as an incentive to stay their customer). I found the scheme attractive so I agreed to it, at that time they asked me to come to their agency office and sign some papers. The employee got it signed from me stating that this contract is just a part of formality, in reality there was a HIDDEN CLAUSE in it stating that I will not port for another 12 months, the employee intentionally didn’t informed me about this clause.

I signed the contract on March 23, now it’s almost two months and they have not yet activated that reliance to reliance free service on my number. I have called the concerned person several times, but he has stopped picking my calls. When I went to their main office to his Senior for enquiry, even her response was not satisfying, I showed her that her subordinate was not picking my calls and neither my calls were able to connect to Reliance Help Line number 198, she gave me an assurance that “Sir, although the R2R is not yet activated on your phone, but from our side we will give you a waiver after doing the required adjustments”.

Alas, her assurance was of no avail. I am still being charged with normal call rates without any adjustments being done. The problem here is that I cannot go to their main office each month and ask for the waiver again and again. If they can’t add this in my bill then I don’t want Reliance service at all.
Now after getting fed up with all this ambiguity when i again tried to port my number in May, they rejected my request on the basis of the HIDDEN CLAUSE in the contract which they made me sign. They said that while giving you the reliance to reliance free scheme you had signed a paper where you accepted that you won’t port to any other operator for 1 year. They are just fooling by giving me R2R free for six month and asking me to be with reliance for a year. This is FRAUD and CHEATING. The most annoying thing is that they didn’t activate the plan on time. I am tired of these reliance employees and their excuses.

Now after two months they are saying that now your plan is configured and you can use R2R free from next month. This commitment from them came to me on 12 May. Honestly speaking now this R2R free feature is of no use to me. I have cleared all my previous bills without any adjustments. In any case after all these false promises and cheating I don’t want to stay with them, now I just want to port my number to other operator as soon as possible.

I have complained on on 12 May after that i got a call from them asking for a receipt i got while signing the contract. I mailed it to them but they haven’t yet responded back. A week has passed (to do a more actual calculation months have passed) but my problem is not yet solved. On 18 May i posted my complaint on Reliance Facebook page and I got a call and they said “We can’t help you, you can take legal action if you want to cancel the contract and want to port.” I thought these employees were hired to sort out issues rather than advising consumers to take legal actions against Reliance.

Now it doesn’t matter how this issue ends, whatever happens Reliance has lost one of its loyal customer and I want all the readers of this post to be careful of Reliance. Also please don’t sign on any document they offer you as they are can cheat you anytime. This company is full of frauds and all its employees only tell lies (and idiotic excuses) to fool the customers. KINDLY BEWARE OF THE FALSE PROMISES MADE AND BE ALERT!!!


By Ashwin Jain


Enjoy World Cup 2011 with 92.7 BIG FM

Big FM Official ICC Partner

Cricket and Bollywood are synonymous with entertainment in India and with the World Cup fever around the corner, 92.7 BIG FM the radio arm of Reliance Broadcast Network Limited (RBNL) announces its association with ‘ICC Cricket World Cup 2011’ as the official radio partner. Starting from February 7th 2011 – April 4th 2011, 92.7 BIG FM will entertain its listeners with live cricket action across its 45 station network. This celebration of cricket will last through out the World Cup with live match updates, detailed match analysis, rewarding contests and more…

As part of its promotion, 92.7 BIG FM will engage and entertain its listeners with an innovative campaign called ‘Bollywood meets Cricket’ ;  an action packed property that will offer listeners a chance to be part of their favourite Bollywood superstars team. This activity will see the celebrity-named teams fight against each other for the coveted title. Registered listeners from different teams will play against each other to answer 6 questions on their favorite superstar and the final winner will win goodies ranging from merchandise of the World Cup mascot, to movie tickets and world cup tickets etc.

During the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, 92.7 BIG FM will introduce famous RJ and stand-up comedian Udham Singh, who in his inimitable signature style and humour will comment on the preparation of the team before every match along with pre and post match analysis. Prior to every match, the radio station will treat its listeners with Pitch Report, Astro Prediction, Weather Report, Team Profiles, etc. Famous cricket commentators like Arun Lal, Charu Sharma will also come on air to provide expert comments during the match and explain finer details on theWorld Cup 2011. Post the cricket match, the RJ will also share match summaries with names of the best bowler, best batsman and best fielder.

92.7 BIG FM will bring the cricketing action alive on-ground by playing Power Cricket in Tier I and Tier II cities. The players can participate for the on-ground activities by answering the right question of their favourite Bollywood superstar and can win on the spot movie tickets.

The radio station also has an excellent line up of activities guaranteeing the highest excitement levels with their Cricket Microsite where listeners can register, choose their favourite team and play the game of Bollywood ka World Cup online. The website will also host audio podcasts of Udham Singh’s interstitial , expert comments on the game, RJ links of the game played, .

The holistic promotions will be taken on mobile through SMS led games that allows listeners to undertake net practice, as well as members who have registered for the service can predict about players and their team. The registered members will also get daily updates via mailers and SMS. The radio station further take the activity to social networking sites like Facebook wherein people can add an exciting gaming application and send challenges to their friends who can either bet on a match or a player.

BIG Street, the Out of Home arm of Reliance Broadcast network Limited will add to the excitement by projecting online game on LED screens wherein people around the LED screens can also get a chance to play the innovative game. This activity will be taken to Delhi Metros through a flip book that will be brought alive through innovative use of back to back site of DMRC. The creative will be designed such that when the train moves in or out of the station, the passengers inside will get an impression that the cricket ball is moving from one side to the other.

92.7 BIG FM will ensure maximum reach through multiple touch points for the ICC World Cup 2011 and also provide a 360 degree approach by offering integrated solutions through its various media verticals including BIG Digital that will offer online and mobile solutions along with an effective campaign to assure this activity permeates into consumer’s lives and garner great success .

Commenting on the development, Soumen Ghosh Choudhary, Business Head 92.7 BIG FM, commented,

Soumen Ghosh Choudhary, Business Head 92.7 BIG FM
Soumen Ghosh Choudhary

We are excited to be associated with this prestigious cricketing event and this campaign sets a new benchmark for the offerings of 92.7 BIG FM to its listeners. With hectic schedules it becomes difficult for cricket fans to follow all the matches, 92.7 BIG FM will provide its -listeners near live updates, match analysis and all the action right from the cricket field so that they can follow the game on the go. We will offer the perfect blend of Bollywood and cricket and give a chance to our listeners to be a part of the World Cup while allowing them a chance for excellent gratification too.”