Seminar on “Effective Study Skills” by Dr. Arvinder Singh

The Times of India & Panacea Intelligence is organizing an “Effective Study Skills” seminar on 28th of this month at Hotel Trident, Haridas ji ki magri, Udaipur.

According to Mr. Arvinder Singh (IIM-Indore, topper) said “This seminar is mainly focused on unique and innovative concept of “Effective Study Skills”. As we see around us that students are not taking interest in studies and we can feel that their energy is wasted in non-productive activities. To hear the sound of failure is unpleasant for anybody. But we feel helpless and have no remedy to discuss this issue.”

The seminar will help to understand the current development in field of education to teach children effectively with smart work and not focusing only on hard work. The seminar will revolve around the pertinent topics of most useful.

Two great international mind trainers, Tony Buzan, Head of Thinkbuzan Academy UK and Dr. Edward Debono, Head of Debono Thinking Academy of US, inspires the seminar. Both these great personalities have dedicated their life to improve mind capabilities and transforming mind to Genius level.

The main speaker, Dr. Arvinder Singh is personally trained by both these authorities and is Certified Licensed Instructor.

Entries are on Invitation basis Only, You may call +91-9928333288 for any Information