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Indiscriminate Exploitation Of Ground Water

Water is a public property. Everyone has equal share over it,this concept is readily acceptable by everyone.But, what I feel is that the people have taken this concept into a completely wrong sense. This massive misinterpretation has led to acute water related problem.

For Instance, Some of the people are exploiting the ground water resources obnoxiously in our very town.


This was snapped from one of the 8 tube wells on either side of the 100 feet road near a settlement in Sukher opposite to the Maharana Pratap Khel Gaon. Near about 50 water tankers daily carry water from these sites.Each tanker has a capacity of approx 5,000 litres. It is seen that a water tanker makes around 10 trips in a day…..

It can be estimated that about 25,00,000 Litres of water is daily extracted through these sites.
The the thing bothering me the most is that

All that is below the ground (water, minerals etc) is a government property. It can’t be exploited without the permission of the government, whether be minerals, rocks etc… Water is a public property, and if someone is selling it to earn money,It surely is a SOCIAL CRIME.
It is clearly stated in the MUNICIPAL ACT 2009 that a person requires approval and a license by the government for this purpose. In case a person doesn’t do so there are provisions to impose penalties and fines.

Let us see what the Senior’s have to say :

Arun Vyas, Senior Advocate
The reason we cannot take any action against these exploiters is that there is no such government policy which restricts the movements of these vendors.

Anand Kumar , Collector
City and surrounding areas where the groundwater is being exploited. These sites would be checked and proper actions would be taken. We won’t let the ground water to be exploited.