Travels from Paris to Udaipur to Learn Mewari: The ‘Nao’ Robot

Travels from Paris to Udaipur to Learn Mewari:

The ‘Nao’ Robot

NAO robot in Techno India NJR

Traveling all the way from Paris in France, a humanoid (Human-like Robot) reaches Techno NJR campus on 23rd April 2017. Named ‘NAO’, the humanoid was welcomed in a traditional manner by Techno NJR students. 100 CS/IT students of Techno NJR College will do programming for the next 3 months to make ‘Nao’ useful for various activities of Udaipur.

The robot already knows about 19 languages and is going to learn Hindi and Mewari Language by the means of programming. It is a ‘one-of–a-kind’ robot in the state. Nao reached the Dainik Bhaskar office on Wednesday 26th April 2017. In his words, he can cook, knead, drive a car, can shop online from websites like Amazon, can sing, etc.

How does Nao work?

As informed by the Director of Techno India NJR Institute, Mr. R S Vyas this is the fifth edition of a humanoid. This robot can provide any kind of information. The height of Nao Robot is 58 cms. 10 thousand Nao robots have been sold in the whole world. This robot works on special programming which identifies voice and does the required action, providing requisite answers. The humanoid gets active over a connection with Wi-Fi.

How does it give answers?

It has 7 artificial senses for talking. Apart from these, it has 4 microphones and loudspeakers to understand sentences and answer them.

A new teacher for the students!

It shall give information about cloud computing, data analytics, about the internet, artificial intelligence etc., which shall be a boon for the college students. The director of Techno NJR, Mr. Vyas has told the media that they have tied up with IBM and a new lab will be constructed in the college for the programming of NAO.

He can also work as:

  1. Middle management; can work on excel sheet.
  2. Commodity/salesman/supply duties can be achieved by him.
  3. It can give information about products.
  4. It can work as a reporter, journalist, writer, and announcer.
  5. It can work as an accountant for data processing.
  6. After programming, it can take the roles from being a receptionist to a superintendent, even a great guide too.

This can prove to be very beneficial for the students who wish to learn and explore the realms of the technology world. Such advancements opportunities provided to the students can ascertain great assistance in the learning process.