AIEEE counselling dilemma?? – It just got easier with


Just imagine the dilemma of taking up an engineering College! wouldn’t it be a great advantage and comfort if someone is there to help you in choosing a college which can give wings to your flight?

Yes, is such a venture!

Just like the normal students cracking AIEEE, the members of passkarado had also faced many problems while choosing their college. They felt the need of a proper guide who does not fancy, but showcases the crystal clear scene. Taking up the initiative themselves, they started with passkarado NIT reviews to help others.

Students clear the AIEEE exam after great toil but even after cracking it, counselling turns the good mood onto its head by complicating the process of having to choose one’s college. Which is the best college I can get at my rank? which branch is better? which college has the best facilities and environment for the branch of my choice? and a lot many questions arise in the mind of students. For answers to these, students and their parents keep visiting various websites, read magazines and articles on counselling and analyze the ranking of various NITs provided on websites and ask friends and relatives about these. It happens that sometimes this information is misleading and when the students enter the college with their great aspirations they see a very different picture of the college from what they had assumed. This happens since these people unknowingly guide according to themselves and mostly these people have no connection with the college. How can a person sitting outside the class can tell what the teacher is teaching inside!! ? The only way is to ask the students who attended the class, isn’t it?

So, believing this idea, asked the students pursuing studies at NITs throughout the country to write reviews about their particular branch. In this they were asked about their branch’s positive and negative points, maximum and average packages, faculty, closing rank of their branch, labs, lab attendants, workshops, seminars, branch opportunities, collaborations with other societies and universities round the world, campus, college fests, attendance rules, etc. This information is available to the students free of cost on the website so that they can be guided by the proper mentors for them. has 15 members in its team and they all are committed to help students. Along with the NIT reviews, passkarado is a big name among the websites providing old MNIT, RTU, RPSC papers and full study material. It also provides company and internship reviews for engineering graduates. It is soon going to publish RTU college reviews too and will keep working in the direction of delivering authentic and refined information for students.

So for all those who were hoping that there had to something that could rescue them out of their confusion , here’s something you can reply upon.

Article By : Prithvi Jain 🙂