Microsoft dream Spark Yatra 2012 concluded successfully

SPSU Techspark

The Microsoft dream Spark Yatra 2012 on its quest to travel 100 locations in 100 days, on Thursday 29th march 2012 arrived at the Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur, being its first destination of the year in Rajasthan. Organised by the Cyborg technical Cell, The dream spark Yatra became the first of its kind event to be hosted in this part of Rajasthan. More than 900 students from the University participated and attended the Seminar, conducted by the Microsoft Student Partners(MSP’s),  which included various topics associated with Windows technologies like Windows Phone, Windows U-Crew, Kinect (Motion Sensing Input Device for Xbox-360), Microsoft Surface and their new Operating System Windows 8.

Starting the event, Siddharth Saxena provided an insight on windows 8, by showing the audience a short film about windows 8, the latest technology by Microsoft, Officially launched on June 1, 2011. Windows 8 has a metro style view, Features like a 4 digit pin and picture password, where one needs to draw a gesture to logon, make things simplified and secure for the user.

After Siddharth, Anubhav Mohanty, shed some light on “Microsoft Kinect”. Developed as a part of the project natal by Microsoft, Today, It is the feature implemented in Xbox 360. Its name derived from the word connect, as this technology connects the user with the virtual environment and provides a controller free interface. It implements another leading technology, the Natural User Interface or the NUI, which combines electromyography and bioacoustics together to provide an experience like never before.

Afterwards, Amrinder Singh gave an overview of the windows phone, and about the various special features where windows phone takes the lead amongst its various market competitors, and how easy it is to use and develop apps for windows phone. He also introduced the students to another technology of Microsoft, the Microsoft Surface Computing technology, which detects the task to be done by recognizing  gestures.

Windows surface was first launched in 2008-2009, after which its update, The Microsoft surface 2.0 was launched which could be mounted on walls, or on tables. It had a pixel sense technology which reduced the usage of transistors, and its LED’s detected any changes in the surface touched.

The Chief Guest for the day, Gaurav Mantri, Founder  and head of technology at Cerebrata Software Pvt. Ltd. Said that” This was a very good event that provided an opportunity to students to know about the latest technologies of the time, such event should be promoted and conducted to equip the newer generation of learners with the latest trends in technology.”


Reported By: Mustafa Ashiq Hussain, Team Cyborg