A day full of celebrations and festivity – Meethi Eid


Men and women, boys and girls, all in happy colors, in a joyful mood, elders giving eidi to the youngers, market full of various kind of food and sweets, fragrance of sawaiyan from every kitchen, decorated houses, beautiful girls with beautiful mehandi and bangles in their hands, kids playing around merrily.

This is the picture perfect scene of today’s meethi eid. The day most awaited by all the Muslims.

There are two Eid in Islam religion; this is the first one, named Eid-al-Fitar, the festival of fast breaking. On the first day of Shawaal, the 10th month of Muslim calendar, this Eid is celebrated, following the religious month of Ramazan, which is the month of fasting; the holy Quran was reveled in this month. The entire month of fasting is celebrated as an achievement of every Muslim individual in the service of Allah. It is a way of giving thanks and to pay their gratitude to Allah. Muslims assembles at the Eidgah in a very brotherly and joyful manner. After the namaz, they wish each other, give eidi to their younger ones, go to their relatives place and then have the sweets altogether.

Among these celebrations, there is also a place for the deceased; people remember them by praying for their souls, they help the needy people by expressing their helps, show consolation to the grieved and sick.

Eid, means happiness and festivity, it should be celebrated beyond all the restrictions formed due to caste system, different religions and other social problems.  We all should celebrate this day in the same manner as we celebrate our own festivals, as these festive days are the days of pure happiness beyond restrictions.

Udaipurblog wishes a very Happy Eid to all of you.  🙂