In Remembrance: Shri Manik Arya

With utmost sadness and angst, we are sad to inform the demise of Shri Manik Arya on June 21, 2021. You may remember him as a prominent media personality and one of the most loved broadcasters. He was the Retd. Deputy Director, All India Radio. A gem of a man gone too soon!

Early Life of Manik Arya

Manik Arya was born in Pratapgarh on June 7, 1954. He inherited music from his mother and as a result, got famous as a Violin Player and culturally righteous. His father was famous for Shastriya Sangeet, and so Manik got into playing the guitar, sitar, guitar, and tabla. Arya’s father was better known as a famous Tabla Vadak across the nation. Manik learnt music in Allahabad and in 1972 he completed his schooling in Udaipur. He further completed his graduation and post-graduation in 1976-78. He worked with Hindustan Zinc as a Social Welfare Officer in 1979. Finally, his career in broadcasting began in 1980.

Life in Broadcasting: Mr Manik Arya’s Journey so far!

A well-known personality in the media and broadcasting field, Manik Arya was a Senior Officer of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. Manik Arya retired from the post of Deputy Director-General, All India Radio, on June 30, 2014. Manik had a keen interest in literature, music, art, and culture. He took a lot of initiatives to flourish the music in the Rajasthani Folk Music Industry.

Mr Arya was selected in the Indian Broadcasting Service organized by the Union Public Service Commission in the year 1980. Manik Arya got posted in Akashwani Kendra in Jodhpur in 1983. He made a special contribution to the establishment of All India Radio’s Jaisalmer and Barmer branch in the year 1985. For the same, he received a certificate from the Director-General, Akashwani, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for this service.

Shri Manik Arya went to Malaysia in 1987 for 3 months during his posting in Kota to represent the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, where he represented India by taking the test for broadcasting at the Asian Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development organization in order to hasten development works via broadcasting in our country. He was transferred from Kota to Udaipur in 1992 and was further promoted to Banswara as a Senior Official of the Indian Broadcasting Service. While stationed in Banswara, he preserved the tribal folk music of the Wagad region. Eventually, in 1995 he was posted again in Udaipur. In the year 2007, he was awarded by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting the Hindi Rajbhasha National Award. In 2008, he went for the coverage of the 8th World Hindi Convention in New York, USA. The convention was organized in the auditorium of the United Nations, and he took interview with various subject matters experts. The program was broadcasted live on various news channels such as BBC London, Voice of America, and other nationwide and across the globe. Manik Arya was promoted to Udaipur in 2012 by the ministry of information and broadcasting, directorate general of All India Radio as Regional Deputy Director-General (program). Manik Arya was the first official in Rajasthan from the Indian Broadcasting Service to be appointed as a Deputy Director. He rendered remarkable services in All India Radio for 33 years.

Perhaps everyone who knew him learnt something from him. An inspiration to many, Shri Manik Arya will be always remembered. Rest in Peace!